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My PEG is one of my best buds, as it is a permanent (more or less (a lot more than less) fixture in my abdomen (invokes comments like, nice abs, Awesome Tube!), due to the collateral damage that was done to my esophagus during rad treatment (no friend of the body, as my doc says). The radiation sealed the entrance to my esophagus, and all of the muscles involved in the swallowing process are pretty well fibrosed (you can bounce a ball off of my neck). Thus, I'm into tube care for the long term. One of my biggest concerns over the years has been keeping the inside free of the strange growths which invarriably move in, so that I can go as long as possible between tube replacements (not much fun). I have, in the past, looked on the web for PEG cleaning brushes, but was never able to find a source; probably due to my lack of search skills. Until the last couple of months, I used foot long pipe cleaners, found at craft stores, which were semi-effective. Using the pipe cleaners resulted in it taking longer for the growths to establish thriving colonies at an intolorable level. In September, I stumbled upon a tube brush supply website called MEL (Medical Engineering Laboratory), and ordered a package of their brushes. I must say that I am ecstatic that, at last, I now have the just right brush (Salinas PEG Brush) that does a great job of cleaning my tube! I am shooting for 2 years or longger until I have to have the next tube replacement. I am putting this out there in case anyone else may have similar concerns about inner tube cleanliness (a clean tube is a happy tube), it's worth checking into; the brush is working for me. Here's wishing clean tubes for all of my fellow tubers...............*


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I had my feeding tube for 18 months and had three different types. The last one was a Mic-key button. It doesn't have a long hose attached. Just a flat button. Feels so much better than the hose hanging there and you don't need tape or mesh, you can't see it under clothes. If you go to my expressions pages there should be a picture of one there. If you have to have a peg long term it might be something to look into.

I am finally able to eat a little more and was able to get rid of mine. I have radiation damage too. Anyway check it out if you want. Was way more comfortable.



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Hey Sweet,

Thank you for the suggestion, I will check into it. I viewed the your button photo, and it does look like it would be easier in many respects.


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Pam M
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My tube is (thankfully) out now, no longer needed. I would have LOVED to have had a long cleaning brush for my PEG tube when I had it - the build up grossed me out and concerned me. I'm sure lots of folks here will be checking out the Salinas brushes.

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My husband has a tube and will likely have it for many months, if not always. I will check out the brushes. Thanks again!

team stevens
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Mike has to have his PEG in for awhile & we didn't know if a brush for it existed. Thanks for the info.


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That is good news my friend and thanks so much for sharing it with us

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