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please send thoughts north today

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Hello all....Oct 5....I know
AnneCan is doing her ct scan this morning....lucky girl get that thing over with.

Mine is at 1.30....this is a biggie for me because I have never marched past the two year mark without some fresh cancer raising its ugly little head.

good luck anne....please send hugs winging northwards today for two


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Hoping that both you young ladies get absolutely fantastic reports from your scans.

Marie who loves kitties

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tina dasilva
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Heres sending you ladys the best luck i will be thinking of yous today lots of hugs tina

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Tons of good thoughts and vibes being sent your way.

Love you both!!

Posts: 827
Joined: Jan 2010

Mags, I'll be thinking of you and Anne and hoping ALL is well for the both of you.


z's picture
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Sending prayers up north for clear scans for AnneCan and Maggie. I pray for the best results. Lori

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Joined: May 2010

Sending lots of great thoughts to both of you! Best Wishes!


Annabelle41415's picture
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Just wanted to wish you both the best of luck for an awesome outcome. Keep us posted and after it's over just take a deep breath.


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Thinking of you both and hoping for clear scans for you both!



angelsbaby's picture
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am wishing you both good clean scans


Lori-S's picture
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To you both and hopes for the very best of scans.

ktlcs's picture
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Joined: Jan 2010

You both clean scans

WhatsA_Mom2Do's picture
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Sending hugs, prayers and positive thoughts to the both of you!


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Thanks Mags for posting + thanks everyone for such warm thoughts for we two Canadians. I am back from the scan; it was uneventful. My husband + I even did a little shopping on the way home. It is cold + rainy today, so nature is in sympathy with us Mags. I hope you have the excellent results you deseerve Mags. Now is the waiting (2 weeks for me) which I find the toughest.

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Please keep us posted....

My yearly stuff (mammo, MRI for the breast cancer, CT or MRI for the rectal cancer, and DEXA scan for the osteo caused by the chemo) starts tomorrow!

Hugs, Kathi

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Sending prayers and good vibes from here!

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Joined: Sep 2010

Good luck vibes to you Kathi. That's a lot of scans!

Sundanceh's picture
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Joined: Jun 2009

Nothing but the best for you 2!


Sigma34's picture
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You are right Annecan, waiting is the hardest. Shopping is always nice.
Sending thoughts and prayers to you both.

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Joined: Apr 2010

Sending good thoughts up North! I hope you two ladies have great results and the WAIT will be worth it.

CherylHutch's picture
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And no, I don't mean no steenkin' hockey team, eh??? :D

I'm sending all kinds of good west coast vibes to both of you, my fellow Canuckians!! :) I think it's only right that we get a double report.... Report 1 beez the Annie Report and Report 2 beez the Maggie Report.... and both reports are to come back with flying colours!! After all, it IS Fall and Fall is all about colours!! So, this is a sign... you both are going to get great reports back with flying colours and you heard it here first :) :)

That way, you can put all anxiety aside and we can get our Canadian igloos... er... nests ready for the oncoming winter months :) Mags, I want more pictures of that adorable little "Maggie's Nest" cottage in your backyard. I still think of it with great fondness and am so happy for you that you have this little getaway spot to curl up with a good book!

My thoughts are with both of you!!



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to the both of you...stay strong, and I will be praying for good results for you and for Annecan...Our lovely ladies from the North...


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Joined: Jul 2008

Praying for and thinking of you both- take care, ladies!


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Joined: Mar 2010

You can add me to the list of prayer warriors on your team ladies.

lizzydavis's picture
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Strong prayers and good thoughts are headed your way.


ron50's picture
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All the best Maggie and Anne from the southern hemisphere. You will both be fine. Even old timers like me get scared. I'm booked in for a colonoscopy and endoscopy later this month and I am terrified...............That she will do them in the wrong order:) Ron.

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wow thank you all for the wonderful responses....Ronnie as usual you make me smile.

This forum has been such a part of my journey. At times when there has been discord, I swear I will never look again but I always do. Rather than meaning less to me, I think it means more and more. I know today that there are people who understand the feelings. After the CT scan I start another day and I try to cheerfully go about business but perhaps every minute or so my mind flashes to the "what if" scenario....what if the doc does call....what if the doc doesn't call.....what if the cancer is back....and meanwhile my stomach is aching and churning and I am trying to keep it from hubby so that he will not worry too much.

Even when I think I have accepted another cancer battle I still feel frightened, uncertain, blah blah....

thank you all....let us to continue to support one another without criticism or judgment

love to you all


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Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

Graci, thanks for all the lovely compliments, I will take my 1/2!

Thanks again to everyone for their kind compliments. When I got home from my CT scan it was so nice to see this thread that Mags started. I usually don't post anything about upcoming scans because my centre is so slow to provide the results (usually ~ 2 weeks):(. I find that waiting period brutal.

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Joined: Jul 2010

I am praying for both of you and thinking positive thoughts. Everything will be fine.

Stay strong and positive.


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Good thoughts and prayers to both of you.
Linda and Ellie

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but I sure wish nothing but luck and good scans for both of you! I was out on a little jaunt to the hospital with impaction, so I was away from my computer. I'm trying to catch up now! Hope you guys had a great day and that the waiting goes quickly; after all, the good news you will undoubtedly get will be so sweet after the wait!

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