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A tad frustrated

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Hey, I didn't post on Friday that I had blood drawn, because I figured I'd post today with wonderful CEA results. Well, I could if I KNEW the results! I called at lunch time today and had to leave a message. Even though I left my cell phone number, they didn't call back. I am assuming that since my oncologist didn't call me personally, everything is okay. He's the sort who will call if he feels it necessary.

Hoping for good news tomorrow!


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...can't be anything but good news for you, Gail!


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Right along with you, Gail!

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Hoping for good news with you!

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Good vibes coming your way.

Peace and Calm,


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I got my good CEA news today (went down from 88 to 73; it's headed in the right direction, anyway), so now it's your turn for good news! Your good news, of course, will be that it's still within the normal range & I'm sure that it will be. My CEA normally comes back the next day, but I had to wait from Thursday to Monday this time. Hopefully your lab was just a day delayed like mine was (or your dr. was just too busy to call you back) and you'll have your good news tomorrow morning!


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wow you guys are so lucky. Our cea results take 2 weeks.....long time.

I agree Gail...if something were wrong you would hear.....good luck


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Mags, 2 weeks?,Normally l got it in 6 hours, 8 AM labs and 2 PM Oncologist with the results! this every 2 weeks!

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If my CEA is done; they usually have the results the same day. CT scans....that's another story!

tootsie1's picture
Posts: 5056
Joined: Feb 2008

I'm good! I got through to the nurse today, and my CEA stayed the same as always.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.


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I am happy for you, Gail.

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It's great to hear that Gail.

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Thanks for sharing

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