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Right shoulder 3rd stage High grade spindle cell Scrcoma

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Hi my name is Scott, I went to family Dr. 2 months ago for a groth on my right shoulder. She sent me to a surgon for a sarqumois cell. The surgon removed a 1 cm tumor from the shoulder. I went back for a check up 1 week later and found out that I in fact had a 3rd stage high grade Spindle Cell Sarcoma. The surgon told me the first diagnosis was in correct and had he known going in he would have removed 5cm around the tumor. I was refered to an Oncologist and have now had several CT sans. Next week I will begin 7 weeks of radiation treatment. There are also 3 spots on my right lung and 1 more in my neck which are all unmarkable at this time. I might also have to have Chemo after the radiation is complete.If anyone can help me out with what to expect I would apprecite it.

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I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I had a stage 3 high grade spindle cell sarcoma diagnosed in my shoulder in June of 2010. I had it removed in October (it was 6cm x 4cm x 4cm)and the margins were clear. I had chemo and radiation prior to that and now there are some nodules in my lungs. I'm having surgery again on Wednesday to have the currently existing nodules removed but they are not optimistic that this will be the end. When do you start your treatment? I'm terribly interested in how your prognosis turns out.

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hi maybe u guys can help me. I have a lump on my shoulder for abt a year hasnt grown alot. it feelskind of soft. Had xray and nothing showed dr tell me its probly a lipoma. What to do now?

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