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Charlie in the Box!!!!!

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Hey no offense to people that are younger and older; we are all in the same boat! CANCER SUCKS and we are all picking up the pieces of our broken hearts and our broken lives; trying to figure out how to survive after cancer!! Was wondering about a new thread that focuses on 30-40 somethings!!!! I am 39 and am single; I was engaged twice but for reasons both did not pan out. Now I am trying to beat Tonsil cancer and want to move on with my life. I'm so afraid that I may never get married or have children. I have the career thing g\down so I am happy with that; but before I die I would like to have a successful relationship that includes marriage and possible children. I want a family of my own!! :((

But now I feel like Charlie in the box from Ruldoplh and only belong on the island of misfit toys! Like the cartoon says nobody wants to play with a charlie in the box!!! I feel like what woman would whant to risk a relationship with a cancer survivor; but then again I guess Lance Armstrong was able to do it. I guess it just takes time!!

Charles in the box!!

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Hey man what you need to do is find a fellow survivor to date. It shortens your list of choices but makes up for it by being 100 times as special. You will be with someone who you know understands everything and will never grow tired of the constant tests and monitoring we must undergo.

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