Going on Doxil

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I will start doxil and avastin tomorrow. They want me to be "good" and not type for a good week after the infusion and all of the other restrictions. I will do them. So if you don't hear from me don't panic. You can call me if you'd like. I'm a great gabby person on the phone. Take care of yourselves.



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    diane--do be good, we'll manage

    good luck, diane, on the doxil and avastin; hope you do as well as you have been doing. keep it up, girlfriend, and let us know when you can, how things are going. thinking of you alot.

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    Take care of yourself, Diane!
    Diane, It was good to get your update about "the plan". I know you will do everything you can to keep side effects to a minimum. Just know, that although you can't communicate with us via this discussion group, we are sending positive thoughts your way and wishing you the very best! You are an amazing warrior!

    Big hugs....Karen
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    We will be thinking about you.

    Thank you for letting us know that you wont be able to type for a couple of days. Please take care. We will be thinking about you. I am looking forwarding to seeing your posts in a week!


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    Diane-we are waiting for you.
    Take care of yourself. Love, comfort and hugs. June
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    Good luck with the Doxil, I think you won't mind it at all. Here's hoping you don't get any side effects from either one of the treatments. I think Doxil was good for me, my last treatment was in March, my next check-up is in November I will let you know how it goes.
    Hugs from Oregon
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    Love, hugs and best wishes for you!
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    Love, hugs and best wishes for you!

    good luck Diane - For me, doxil was the least invasive treatment so far. Short chemo - very few side effects. I hope it's the same for you. My understanding is that Doxil is the the most tolerated chemo - according to my oncologist.