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I am stage 4 beyond Chemo etc etc are there any recommended foods which could help slow the cancer

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You should look at Susan Sommers book called "Knockout!" She is interviewing the top cancer Doctors in the world and treatments. Cancertutor is a great website to go to for stage 4.
Green drinks that are powdered with things like barely grass, wheat grass, and spirulina would be really good for you look at Mountain Rose Herbs in bulk. I am an 9 year of cancer twice survivor. They only gave me one year so I feel pretty good about that! I exercise every day, do deep breathing, oxygen kills cancer cells. The most important thing is to have hope, and don't give up ever!
If you want to you can send me a private message, some people get worked up over alternative treatments and I can give you more ideas for what worked for me, if you like.
I believe in Traditional and Alternative working together.
Hope this helps

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I have to say, however, deep breathing is not the way to kill cancer cells, if it were, we would all be cancer-free. ;) Right?

Be careful what you ingest while you're still having chemo - clear it with your doc first. Some oncologists don't like you to take heavy vitamin doses or overdo the antioxidants while in treatment because the antioxidants protect the cancer cells.


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