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CT Scans...How dangerous are they?

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Hi Everyone...
I have been off this site for several months but I'm back. After my surgery in Dec 2010 for colorectal cancer--I've recovered my health and LIFE HAS BEEN GOOD! I had a CT Scan in April and I was given the ALL CLEAR results so have been doing well. Now it's time for a 6 months later-CT-Scan and I'm learning some scary things about the danger of CT Scans. One of the most critical articles was by Dr. Mercola--a physician I have found to be very focused on the cancer epidemic. After researching this topic--I saw my oncologist and discussed the pros and cons of CT-Scans and he validated much of the current info. So--I'm considering doing an MRI instead with a CT Scan of only my lungs since that one is only ab out 20 seconds. I have had 2 CT Scans, 1 Pet Scan, lots of X-rays for lots of recent dental work--a colonoscopy and probably others that I don't even remember--ALL THIS YEAR--so I'm not anxious to have a cancer reoccurence from a CT Scan over radiation output. Any of you have any experience with this new info????? Look forward to hearing from you and how you're doing.

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Here's a Colon Club discussion of the subject:

And if you read down to my posting, you'll see a reference to a web risk calculator which is interesting.


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Thanks Greg...appreciate your prompt response! I'll follow up and get back to you.

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I think that with any type of imagine device thre is that a certain amount of risk is involved. I have heard that for the most part, the newer the machine, the less harmful radiation they emit. They are able to get better resolution images using far less harmful "rays" than they used to. Quite probably they are prescribed more often than needed but it our litigious society, they have to cover their arses.

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can also cause cancer due to high amount of radiation emitted, unless newer devices that utilize less rad and are also are modified for each patient are used......I've had more than my share of Xrays and scans due to dental and lung problems and now cancer.

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