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I have just started Chemo (first week) and Rad (three treatments) and seem to have lost my voice. I have a trach in and now I just seem to blow wind all day. What is happening here?

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My husband has a trache since his surgery 2 weeks ago, and blows air and has very weak voice. Hopefully the thing is coming out at next doc appt on 10/12.

There are some days his voice is better than others, but some days he's "all wind" (from the throat I mean, LOL)

Posts: 32
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I have had the trache since Aug 10th, when they did the biospy, and am told it will go after the rad treatments shrink the tumor up. I am hoping that the rad and chemo is actually doing the swelling the tumor part, for it can finally go away..... I am so glad your husband is able to get rid of his , I hate losing my voice with everything else.

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Hi, Denise! I had six weeks of chemo (Erbitux) and 30 rounds of radiation. I lost my voice at about week two of treatment and it did not return to an audible level until about two months after treatment. I did not have a trach, though. Not being able to talk was really pretty horrible. My radiologist and oncologist said I had a very severe reaction to the treatments. I am 10 months post-treatment now and am happy to say that my voice is pretty normal, with a bit of hoarseness. Communicating without a voice was a pain (I resorted to clapping if I needed something from my husband or kids). Hang in there ... your voice will come back before you know it.

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I remember when Iost my voice during rads I was letting the dog out and I wanted him back and I couldn't yell. No voice. So I went to whistle. Couldn't do that thanks to neck dissection paralysis with my lip. Lol. So I remember standing there thinking oh this is just great. So I started clapping to get Noah's attention. My neice was walking up the driveway and she looked at my 'applause' and with out missing a beat took a bow and said," Thank you, thank you very much." I'm glad I don't have to clap to call the dog anymore, but he did get used to it.

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