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Call Back

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Got a letter today for a call back on my mammogram. I know the statistics (10% are called back and often there is no problem) but that doesn't make me feel any better. I'm numb -- any encouraging words?


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I have vigilantly had mammograms for over 30 years. I was called back a couple of times; once went so far as to see a surgeon for his opinion, but never even had to have a biopsy. Fast forward many, many years and I do find myself here, but PLEASE try not to worry over just the callback. Sometimes its just because the technician messed up or the doc wants a redo in an abundance of caution.

Besides, worry doesn't change a thing. If all is well, the worry was for nothing. If there is a problem, what has your misery changed? Try to find something fun and engaging to do this weekend.

Last word of encouragement----If the news is BAD they don't send you a letter. They call & get you back in ASAP!


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Thanks Chickadee - I'm trying to keep busy but it's so hard.

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For me, and others I know, if it's not good news, you get a phone call pretty quick! I've had one or two of those letters and it was because the film was questionable and they had to retake the mammogram.

I'll be praying all goes well!!

Hugs & Peace,


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Actually I had my cell phone shut off because I was paranoid about the possible call. Figured that I would receive the "all OK" letter" in a day or two and then I would turn my phone back on. So as you can see, I'm very worried for good reason. Guess being a coward isn't very smart!

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We're getting mammos for a reason--to catch something EARLY if it's there. I started getting mine when I was 30, as my maternal grandmother had died of BC, and my mom was diagnosed that year. 14 years later, a year to the week since my last mammo, they saw something. Something SMALL. Scary? Absolutely? Terrifying, in fact. But if I had stuck my head in the sand, it would only be worse. Fwiw, I had a 'scare' once; turned out that there was something on the film, not on me. Sending all hope that's the case with you!

We're here for support, and we all know what you're going through--keep us with you as you confront it face-forward!

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I was 36 at the time I found my lump at pea size. I looked because I too had a paternal grandmother and after watching her go through all she did back in the 60's I checked cause I knew it was possible.
Unfortunately finding it wasn't enough since they believe just fibrous so went another 6 months till I was ill and another lump grew very quickly in arm pit. There also is another side of this and getting rid of lumps ensures that they won't be changing in the future because there are no garauntees as with this disease totally even with treatments and safe gaurds. It just is what it is and I finally have come to that point and doing all I can this time around will be better than just letting it go.

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Every one of you has sent a great deal of comfort and I'm very grateful. It's so nice that other women understand these feelings. Thank you all and if possible, keep 'em coming!

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