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1st year after diagnosis - test results.

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Denny received his first yearly colonoscopy and CT scans since diagnosis Sept 2009... all came back clear. He had had lab/blood test every 3-4 months which has came back clear also.

ONC said he does not need to come back for 6 months and then they will do blood tests. ONC stated that his test have always came back so good that he feels 6 months should be fine for his next follow up appointment.

Which is GREAT because we can now go to our Winter home (Hawaii- yes we are new snow birds) for 6 months and and not have to worry so much.

We purchased our Winter tropical hide-a-way 4 months after he was diagnosed which was a hard decision to make. But Thanks with help from this board and family and friends who told us to go ahead with our dream and not let "C" in the way of living our life to the fullest and fulfilling our dreams. We thank you for that as we almost said forget it can't do it, but we are glad we did and can hardly wait until we get to leave..

We're leeeaving on a jet plane (Nov 7th) don't know when we'll be back again..(Come on you guys have to remember that song...

But yes, still do always have that worry in the back of our minds like everyone else does.

Best wishes and health to everyone!


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Sounds very promising, Laurie!

Clean scopes and follow-up every six months sounds like he's the man with the plan. Certainly like it when it gets to every six months, that means you're doing pretty good there.

How wonderful you have a get-away place in Hawaii - WTG living out your dream!

Always in the back of your mind, I know - but at least for the next six months (mostly) you can put all of that in your rear-view mirror! After all, there is plenty of time to worry about those things if they crop back up, which I hope they never do for either of you.

Enjoy yourselves!

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if it happens it happens, but if I had a winter home Id be packing too and forget the little problem that ya may never have again...Ya gotta plan...Love to you both.......Buzz

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Wonderful news for the both of you! Enjoy your tropical hide-a-way and each other.
Linda and Ellie

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I am so happy for ya, Enjoy the sun, sand and fun....You both have earned it, now go play...


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That is great! Enjoy your time in the sun and don't worry about anything!


P.S. I'm assuming we all invitations to visit that are in the mail as we speak? *L*

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Congratulations and ENJOY!

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congratulations and enjoy!

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Great news. It is wonderful to have dreams. Never let anything get in your way. Have a great Winter in Hawaii. My husband & I were there just about 2 years ago on a cruise. I just told him I would skip a year's cruise to save up to go to Hawaii again. Great Place.

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Thank you all - yes it's nice to actually have something happy to look forward to, this last year has how to say it "sucked" but it is what it is and life goes on.

If anyone happens to be over on the islands (Big Isle) this Winter you're more then welcome to stop by it would be nice to meet you.

Only 34 more days till we leave!!!!

Thanks again for the well wishes.

Laurie ~N~ Denny

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Wow Hawaii! Sounds great!! Have a relaxing, great time!

You deserive it!


Barb ( will be thinking about you when I see the snow this winter!! )

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