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3 Month Post CyberKnife Update Results

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BACKGROUND: Diagnosed in March 2010 at age 59 after a PSA from a routine physical had increased to 4.3. DRE normal, no physical symptoms, prostate was not enlarged, no history of PCa in family. Biopsy revealed 1 of 12 cores graded at Gleason 3+3=6. Second biopsy confirmed initial pathology. Staged at T1c. Bone scan, chest x-ray, and blood panel were normal.

Primary physician, urologist, and oncologist recommended surgery. Additional consultations were taken at Loma Linda Medical Center for proton treatment, IMRT treatment using the Varian RapicArc machine, and SBRT using CyberKnife. I also researched and consulted about Active Surveillance (AS) as an option, and investigated Cyrosurgery, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), and brachytherapy (seeds).

I elected to be treated with SBRT using CyberKnife.

TREATMENT: After work ups which included another PSA test, yet another biopsy opinion, MRI and CT scans, I had four gold prostate fiducials placed via the perineum so that CyberKnife could track the movement of my prostate in real time during treatment. After another CT scan verified the fiducials were stable, I began treatment in June 2010, which consisted of 5 sessions, each 45 minutes in length, conducted every other day. I received 5 fractions of radiation at 7.25 Gy per session for a total heterogeneous dose of 36.25 Gy. The biological equivalent dose (BED) was 91 Gy.

EFFECTS AND FOLLOW UP: Following my morning sessions I went to work and resumed a full work and travel schedule without any limitations or effects. One month follow up had zero clinical symptoms with no effects of tiredness, urinary issues, nocturia, pain, burning, blood in urine or stool, and no erectile issues.

At three months (yesterday) my PSA had dropped to 1.35 which is on the expected glide slope for post CyberKnife PSA decline. PSA nadir is typically reached between 18 and 30 months. I still have had no side effects with either urinary or rectal toxicity and have had no decrease in sexual performance.

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To the best of my knowledge, those who regularly post here who have joined the CK club include you, Jimmy (YTW), ViperFred, and myself.

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Great to see Kongo's progress and Swing, add me to the CK completion list. I am 3 weeks out and weaning myself off of Flomax (2 per day). Urgency and burning stopped after 2 weeks out. I am replacing with Saw Palmetto but have seen no difference yet. Minor ED issues but better than I anticipated.
I was not in the Navy but I was an agent with the GOV. Not knowing what I was volunteering for, I trained with "those guys" in Coronado because they had nothing to do after Vietnam. Best time of my life and the worst.
Will report on mt PSA progress in 2 more months.

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FWIW, I still have mostly the same level of urinary urgency and frequency that I had before treatment (which is the reason that I 1st saw a urologist and led to my PCa diagnosis) but I don't use anything currently to treat it

I used saw palmetto for awhile before treatment and it didn't cause any noticeable improvement. SP also masks PSA -- lowers it -- which would NOT give you reliable post CK treatment reading levels. So, it would be best NOT to use it while you are monitoring your PSA levels post treatment.

I tried Flowmax before treatment too but stopped using it when it dried up my semen flow. Didn't notice that it helped much w/urinary frequency or urgency either but didn't really give it a complete trial. May go back to it but not until my semen flow dries up "naturally" following treatment.

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It looks from your picture that you've recreated your own little radio shack at home!

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I think that I mentioned before that I was a radio-op in the Navy. My last tour of duty took me to the South Pole and I obtained my Amateur(ham)Radio license for that trip as the ship had a ham shack on board but no FCC licensed operatror. A Navy radio-op could not opoerate on the ham bands without a ham license. I have been actively hamming from home ever since. Great hobby, talked to the world......................Jimmy/K8YTW/Cleveland


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