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Open partial nephrectomy

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Hi everyone!
It's been inspiring and encouraging to read all your posts, and to know that there is a life after cancer! I had an open partial nephrectomy on Sept 20th, where they removed a 4cm tumour, part of my left kidney, and the adrenal gland. My surgeon has taken off for a month so I have no info re follow-up or path details, only that everything went ok- so I'm left with no answers. Like so many of us, my diagnosis was incidental to another condition, and came as a bolt from the blue. One moment it's cancer, the next- you have no cancer! I'd only just gotten used to being told I had the rottenh thing, haha!

Has anyone still on the forum experienced an open partial? There are heaps of posts from radical lap patients, and I know you all have a particular set of concerns, but mine are a bit different. I have a 16" incision scar and half a kidney, which aches like blazes, day & night. I also have severe lumbar arthritis and am unable to take NSAIDS. I've been given Panadeine but can never get comfortable- even if I find a good position incision-wise I have to keep moving coz the arthritis pain becomes overwhelming. Does anyone else have this problem? Also, is there anything I could do about the scar which itches like crazy?

Apart from that, I feel stronger every day and know it will all get better with time- which, thank God, I now have!!!
All the best to you all xx

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Maybe I should have asked different questions. At this time, I'm not sure what to ask really. All this happened pretty darn fast and still taking it all in. As for the path report, I personally have not seen it. Just going by what the doctor said. He told me it was a Mild Renal Cell Carcinoma. That it was not as aggressive as most. I go back today, so I will ask all this.

Thanks for your input on how your situation has been. It apparently has been tough. You are right, I am curious if others my age has had this problem. The doctor just seemed to be shocked to see this in me. The only reasoning he has for me getting this is a medical history predisposition. That is it. And with the BP, It has went down since the tumor has been removed. The doctor suspected it to be the cause of my high BP. He said that the tumor acted as an aid to tell the kidney it needed to release more Renin into my system which caused the elevation. Ever since the removal of the blasted thing, my BP has been normal, better than it has been in the last couple of years. I don't smoke, exercise regularly, and eat healthy. I'm not overweight, I am a generally healthy person. That is why this was such a big shock to me. I have always stayed on the right track to try an avoid stuff like this. But no matter what you do, if your body was meant to have something, it is going to I guess.

But I am taking it easy. You say a few months? So that would mean little strenuous activity for a few months? Just asking because I know it depends on per person, like everything else, but an estimated ball park number is always good. I know it takes a while for everything to heal, but getting back out there is crucial to me.

Thanks again for your feedback. Hope to have more info later.

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I had a radical December 31 2012. Three weeks later I was back in college. Three weeks after that I was back in the gym lifting weights and running.  Now I feel 99% back to normal. While I am  younger than you, I imagine you will probably have a faster than normal recovery.  That said, don't push yourself. Everyone reacts  and heals differently. I would say wait 6 weeks before you do any strenous acitivty no matter how you feel.  After  six weeks, listen to your body and do as much as you feel you can do.

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You'll have been advised, I imagine, not to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for the first few weeks.  However, on the basis of your health profile and age you'll pobably be back to pretty well normal functioning in about 6 - 8 weeks.  There have been a few athletic guys here who've felt so good they've pitched back in at the gym almost immediately, felt fine for a month or two but a bit later on have paid the price - backing off again for a while to the point that they've actually delayed their full recovery.  So play your way back in carefully and pay close attention to what your body is telling you.

A look through the thread entitled "Getting tired"  may be helpful - it's at:


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I had mine in Jun 2012 on the left kidney. My doctor had to remove about 30% of the kidney. I needed mobility assitance getting up from bed as my left side hurt for about 2-3 weeks. Even now, 2 yrs later, I still have a 'sore-uncomfortable' feeling on my left side where the operation was. Does everyone else have this 'feeling'?

As a warning...I was exercising on a tread-climber after about 2 weeks only moderately. However, my kidney started bleeding and I was literally pissing blood and my bladder kept filling up very quickly. Luckily it was in the evening and my wife rushed me to the hospital but not after I was forced to relieve myself on the car seat (which had to be replaced...luckily this was a company car and took care of the cost). So I spend another week in the hospital and underwent a procedure to clot the kidney while I was awake. The worst part was having a catheter input in me multiple times because the blood 'clotted', then they found out it was latex and I'm allergic to latex,and then finally to use a 'bigger' catheter to remove the clots. Suffice to say that this experience was not pleasant as all you men can attest to.




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