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Pineal Gland Cyst

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My daughter was in a car accident a few years ago and since then she has had headaches .But really awful ones in last year .To make a long story short she did have surgery on neck to replace dics's closest to her neck .Headaches are still there ..she has had shots and theraphy to releave pain and headaches ...nothing has worked.She insisted on a full head MRI ..she was told that she has a "pineal gland cyst" 11mm x 8mm x 7mm .It sounds BIG to us but her Doc said they will watch to see if it grows .Meaning another MRI in 6 mo. Seems like a LONG time to wait !We did look it up and found it is not a cyst that turns cancerous but can cause severe headaches. The cause of such a cyst is brought on from trama to the head ,which goes back to auto accident .Here is where we are very concerned...it can be mis diagnoised :( *has anyone ever been mis diagnoised and then it turned out to be cancer ? She is wanting to get second opinion ,but not sure where to go {Indy possibly,beings we live in Fort Wayne and she did see the BEST head surgeon in the one and only group here in town}. Any knowledge on the subject would be greatly appreciated .Thank You and God Bless.

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