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Airports and RAI and security alarms

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Hi All,
I have a concern about RAI treatment. I was told that I will receive a letter stating what dose I had and that should get me through the detectors at the airport. I was told that I will set of the alarms for 90+ days. Thats a very long time. Anyone experience setting off alarms at the airport and how did you handle it. Aside from the embarresment of alarms going off, did security give you a difficult time. I will need to travel after my RAI, and worry about the airports, so any advice or experience would help.

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yes you can set alarms off. I did not go to an airport but i work near a place that dose radiation monitoring and every day for about 60 days they could tell when i walked by cause some of there meters would spike when i got near.

the ones at an Airport are set with alarms low i didnt set off the alarms at the place cause they are much higher than airports but yep i can definatly see you seting them off.

depending on how high a dose you get you could definatly set some detectors off for 90+ days.

what i would recomend
1) get a note from your doctor of how much of what you have gotten
2) call the airport and find out who you need to talk to ahead of time to "warn them" that you will be takeing a flight
3) show up WAY EARLY for your flight cause it might take some time even when you let them know about your situation... worse case you get through the security quickly and just spend extra time at the gate.

there also may be restrictions on flying for the first few weeks i am not sure.

every day you wait will reduce the radiation levels so if posible wait the longest time from your RAI treatment to flying.

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I travel about once a month in the mid-east and europe and had no problems with the airports even 30 days after RAI. I did carry a note from my doc just in case.

Six months after RAI I did set off the security alarm in Milan and we could not figure out why. I was let through anyway.

If you set off an alarm you just need the note and they will probably search you and your bags - unfortunately this is not unusual anymore.

I have found that airline travel is more difficult and I tire easily since the RAI.

Good luck

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