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Cobra Extension

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This might be a dumb subject to post about but it sure made my day. I lost my job in Feb of

this year and have been on Cobra Ins from my job since then. I'm stage IV and considered

inoperable at this time. I started getting SSDI about the same time I lost my job and still

get some long term disability from my former job. I was so worried about losing my insurance

next august, wouldn't be eligable for medicare until I had been on disability two years. I

would have had a 6 month gap and was scared of what would happen in that gap in coverage.

Well today I got a letter in the mail from agency that handles my cobra and got a 11 month

extension in my coverage. That will more than cover the 6 month gap. I was so relieved, one

less thing I have to worry about. I know medicare will not cover everything but will be able

to get a plan that covers what it doesn't. Just so very glad to have one less thing to worry

and stress over.

Doing well on chemo right now and actually feeling pretty good. I know this isn't abig deal

but my husband and I were looking at divorce just so I would qualify for medicade to cover the

gap. Hope everyone is doing well and sending out happy healing vibes to all.


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So glad to hear some positive news regarding insurance.

Nice to have that big issues off your plate so you can concentrate on better health.

Marie who loves kitties

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Nana b
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That is really great! I am also on COBRA.

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I am very happy for you, one less thing for you to worry about while you continue your fight!

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It is nice to hear this good news; I am happy for you! Relief!

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What good news.

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Hi Deb

My husband is on Cobra, and we think it's going to end after 18 months, which will be Feb, '11. Is this a federal law or stae law that has been changed? Or is this your company doing the right thing? He is 59 and I don't think MediCare kicks in until, like you said, out for 2 years. A friend of mine said you get bumped to the top of the list if you are considered terminal...which he is. Waitnig to hear about a Phase 1 trial that isn't yet approved by the FDA.

Best to you and all on this board. You are so very informed.

PS I am Stage 1 uterine cancer, also!


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Hi Kathy

I am on SSDI and all I had to do was fax a copy of my award letter to the company that handles my cobra ins and was given a 11 month extension. I don't know if your husband is on SSDI but most companys have to give you the extension if you have been declared disabled by Social Security Adm. The 11 month may cost a bit more but it will be worth it to get you to the 2 year mark with SSDI. The only requirement for mine was I had to have been declared disabled within the first 60 days I was on Cobra. Hope this helps.
Sorry to hear about your dx, hope that you are doing well. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.


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I am doing okay. Right in the midst of his treatments I ended up with Stage 1 uterine cancer. It's been a wild 2 and a half years. I really get alot of info from this board.

Thanks for the prayers! Can always use more.

Best to you and will put you on my list for prayers.

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