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i have a question

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well in truth two, but the most important on is what do i do to show our secetary how much i appreciate her help. I missed one appointment because i got busy and lost track of time, after that she made sure to come out and not only tell me the time but drove me back and forth. She took time out of her busy day to help me and now since i finally made it through all the treatments i want to get her something to show her how much she did for me. The next one is what color is the ribbon for head and neck cancer? I have found many different answers and if i am going to wear it on my arm for the next 30 years i want to make sure i have the right colors.
Thanks Don

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Hi Don,

I wear the Lance Armstrong 'Livestrong' Foundation yellow band. Lances book was a great inspiration for when I was in recovery.

While I had many people to thank, 2 special people in France who treated me in their own way, deserved something. I bought each a small gold pendant of the Chinese 'Double Happiness' character. One was embedded in a heart for the lady, and the other was made in the nice hand script version of the character.

While I certainly didn't expect or need their gratitude, I know they both broke down and cried when they received them. I figure that was successful gift.


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Pam M
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For head and neck - I've seen both ivory and burgundy and white and maroon and white and red ribbon colors. The Ivory and Burgundy seems to be the most prevalent.

Is secretary a collector? Maybe you can get a giftie that falls under her collection umbrella. If not, maybe a piece of jewelry (charm, maybe) or a figurine or ornament (maybe an angel). If I got her something like a day spa certificate or restaurant gift certificate, I would include a small physical momento to go with the certificate or card. it's good of you to remember her support.

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Thank you and since this is goning to be a tatto just wanted to make sure i had the right colors. I really have no idea what she does except help people, and like dogs(i know i am bad for not knowing her) but i know she deseves something.

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She likes dogs? How about a nice donation to the local Humane Society in her name? They may also have a collectible for sale (another way they raise money) that you may want to get to go along with your donation.

And having once been a secretary in another life, some of my most treasured and thoughtful gifts came in the way of a hand-written note expressing gratitude. Words mean a lot and when they are sincere, they mean more.


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SPOHNC has pins and the rubber bracelets. They are burgandy and ivory, or a close representation of those colors.

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You might want to think about getting married to the secretary, a good one is hard to find. lol

I am like you not sure of the colors for Head & Neck Cancer and like Scam and Pam I too have seen many of different colors being used.

All the best to you

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Hey Don,

I'm not much help on the gifts. I'll defer to the ladies for that advice, even though I do like Hondo's idea.

There was a thread a couple of months ago where several of us were discussing tattos. I don't think anyone was positive of the colors but the white/burgandy, if I remember correctly, were the colors most people agreed on. I'll try and find that thread and re-post it.

Speaking of tats - anyone get theirs yet?

Positive thoughts to everyone!


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I bought a charm for my charm bracelet and it was called ivory and burgundy.

I don't know if this is too personal a gift or not, but most women wouldn't get a gift to pamper themseleves. What about a gift for a facial or massage or some other girly pampering. Any woman who would take time like that for someone else deserves a bit of pampering cause she sounds like a person that does more for others than herself.

I'm still too scared to get my tattoo. Lol.

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A man can never go wrong giving a woman flowers.

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I thought about that but she is too nice too be married to someone like me. It is a thought though.....

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I believe Kim is right...you can never go wrong with flowers!

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