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Good Report

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Doctors gave me excellent Blood Count today,no cancer!!, though I have a pin hole in my neck from trach removal, the healing process is taking longer due to the radiation, and told me no way to try have any skin grafts or cosmetic surgery done, I had 2 trach holes and a botched inplant done, they said the healing was a slow process, and it looks good, Ok, My Close ups are over with "Mr DeVille"....Dennis from TN. P.S the Doctors also told me my weight would probably not return 148 to 158 they are happy with...so? I'll never see 180 again

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D Lewis
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It's always good to hear good news! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day. At your very worst, you looked better than Norma Desmond!


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Dennis, that is good news. You are still mending so it will get better. On the weight, i am now super happy with my new weight of 170 and hope I keep it that way. once you get some condition back, it will all fall into place.


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Glenna M
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Wonderful news Dennis...now it's time to relax a little and enjoy yourself!!


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Glad to hear the good news all the best to you.

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It is so great to hear about this good report. You have faced such adversity in your fight against cancer. You have shown great perseverence and have shared your journey with us. I cannot tell you how fabulous it is to read your post.
Japanese proverb: Fall down 7 times; get up 8. (This is you).
My Best to you always Dennis,

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Glad to hear good news for you Dennis! I'm still working on gaining weight too, but I'm kinda liking the new skinny me. Keep getting better Dude!


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It is great that you are doing so well.

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Happy dance for Dennis! I'm so glad you got a good report. Dennis. You have been through the wringer. Better times ahead! I am up to 98 lbs now. :). I'm not sure I will ever see 125 again but I am at the point where I must be used to being tiny, cause when I look in the mirror I don't think I look boney anymore, I think I look ok. :)

Onward, ho!


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Always good to hear positive reports!

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Pam M
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Very glad to hear things going your way. Keep it up.

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