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After Liver Resection

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Just curious, for those of you whom have had a liver resection-
do you............

feel bloated all the time or seem to swell after meals
tend to not be able to drink milk or eat ice cream any more

My resection was in April and I was just curious of the after effects that everyone might experience??


C Dixon
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My resection was Aug. 18th, so I am not as far out as you are. But I definitely can't eat large meals. I don't feel so bloated anymore but I get full very quickly. I have become a true grazer.

I do know metabolizing fat is very hard on the liver, so this may be why ice cream is difficult. I don't do dairy unless that is all that is available. I use unsweetened soy milk at home. I don't know the answer to this, so I am just throwing this out there: I wonder if it is possible to become lactose intolerable after a resection. Have you tried Lactaid milk? That may be easier for you. Just an idea.

Are you stomach muscles still tight?



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Bloated, milk, cheese , creams, and many others not tolerated! much better after 6 months.
Hope it helps.
Hugs .

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Posts: 6352
Joined: Aug 2010

Bloated, milk, cheese , creams, and many others not tolerated! much better after 6 months.
Hope it helps.
Hugs .
PS.Try almond milk easy to tolerate and much more nutritive !

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Dearest Christy.....this post is so interesting....when I had my resections i fought for dietetic advice and got nowhere.....actually met with dieticians in my little city and they really found it hard to help
first...unknown to me when they did liver resection they took out the gall bladder but no one told me....so.....chances are this has happened to you?

I think just experimenting helps....fat definitely seems to be a problem....milk products, animal fats..all hurt...I have tried just basic beans, lentils greens veg and this works well but it helps if I take a product called Beano that help digest the beans.

bloating pain difficulty digesting.....all yes but where to find the answers I am not sure.

veg and fruit for sure but you have to get protein still in your case to heal

pro-biotics for sure....and when I can't I can't cope with bowels I just do BRAT....bananas rice applesauce toast...no butter....or i do caveman....porkchop and veg and other times I just do veg....soooo sorry not to be more definitive....still experimenting


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Sorry mags l would not suggest it.To me was the worst for some evident reasons!

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Nana b
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If they took you liver chances are that they took you gall bladder and your spleen. The spleen is a major component in moving liquid within the body, that gall bladder helps with breaking down fats before it get to the liver...so yeah, you probably are having problems.

I have bloating and I am having a scan some time this week, does not see to go away, ever!

My liver resection was April 2009.

Soy milk is good..

I think that I have a sensitive stomach and need to find what I am allergic to, like all kinds of alcohol and stay away from it~

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a year ago this month. I dont recall feeling bloated, but I felt very swollen and uncomfortable. Like my skin wanted to bust open. Ok maybe that is bloated LOL! Also, dairy was never really my friend and it's even worse now. I don't know if it's realted to the resection but.......your not alone :)

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I don't think I have ever had this problem and half of my liver was removed. I don't remember how long the doc said it took for the liver to grow back, but I think he said 10 weeks. Maybe something else is going on and you just need a little purple pill. Ha
Jo Ann

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