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erections after davinci

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Had davinci on sept 16th and slowly recovering.I am 47 years old and although I am concentrating on getting the continence in check I wondered what people's experience has been with erections once you control the incontinence. Never had any problems before but nervous about the future although doc said operation was textbook and all nerves were spared.

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Did your doctor give you a plan for the erection return?
My doc gave me a detailed written plan to follow which was basically starting with low doze of Levitra then increasing as time went by. It pretty much followed the plan that Dr. Patrick Walsh also details in his Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer.

Another good book to read is Saving Your Sex life by Dr. John Mulhond (Spelling) in NYC.

I was 54 when I had my surgery. I've been very happy at 13.4 months post surgery with everything. (Wife is happy also :) )

Just remember that everyone is different but being young is in your favor! It improves with time. At about 35 days post surgery I start getting some minor success.


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thanks for response. he told me in my meeting 2 weeks after surgery that I should concentrate on continence first and then work on erection return which he said can take up to 6 months. He has given me scrip for viagra which I can start taking a quarter pill at a time slowly for the 1st few months and working up to more if necessary later. I read a post on one board and it talked about one guy having erections right away and since I was great before I almost felt as though I was not right for not having any feeling of arousal right now. but..................

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I had my davinci on Sept 9th 2010 incontinence is getting better daily ,The other part nothing yet i am 56 a little stiring every once in awhile but waitng . i don't really think things will heal that fast give it time atleast we have the beast out of bodies.

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Hey Larry,

It has been a while since I posted. Like you I had surgery May, 2009 at 56 years of age. I have been unable to have any type of erection. I tried viagara and cialis. I just about have given up on this. My doctor at John Hopkins also left his practice to join the FDA and we were asked to follow-up with our personal physician.
I have not given up and I remain thankful. My wife is supportive but, I see it differently.
I was wondering if I could take your plan to my GP?

Jim (shubbuysr)

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Hey Jim,

Larry recommended Dr. Mulhall's book, "Saving Your Sex Life". Chapter 7, "Penile Rehabilitation and Preservation" lays out a plan. I've followed it and it seems to be working.

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Open up the forum tonight and you left me with a great chuckle....Headline: "Erections after daVinci" with the screen name "Shocked". That about sez it all???? Kinda like that Evitra add that sez if you have an erection that lasts over 3-4 hours, call your physician.....Call your physician? Every friend I have sez he would dial up every girl he has ever known since the 3rd grade. Nevertheless, thanks for a moment's good laugh....

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I chuckled when I read your post and have often wondered the same thing. Like, what are you going to do, call 911? Your idea of calling every girl you knew since 3rd grade is a more appealing solution although I'm pretty sure that Mrs. Kongo might have something to say about it.

Seriously, I understand that these mishaps while rare, do occur on a regular basis and there are drugs that can bring the member down or sometimes it might require a drainage. If it goes on too long it can cause permanent damage.

But its good to keep a sense of humor about this when you can.

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Mine was on 9/14. I am dealing with trying to re-train on bladder control first too.

Mr Dr. prescribed Viagra which I have not yet started. I will likely get it filled this weekend and start, like you, slowly for the first month or so.

The Dr. said that this is really just to improve blood flow to the area to help in overall healing. I am all about that right now!

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Just wanted to share my "stupid moment". I was given Viagra at 6 weeks. Having heard the ads I asked the MD "What happens if I get an erection that last more the 4 hours?" He smiled and said "You don't have to worry about that".

Anyway, give it time. It took me 4 months to have a decent "chub". By 5 months usable and by 6 months near normal. That was about the time I would occasional have a spontaneous erection when sleeping. I've stopped taking anything now at 8 months.

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My doc also told me 6 months to start feeling normal and at 10 months to being normal. He also suggest to use pump which I have not used based on advise from many folks who have had the surgery. I am 3.5 months out of surgery. The erection recovery is very uneven...like any surgery the recovery is non-linear. My doc also wants me to use MUSE or Triminx injection to give the muscle and blood flow and real work-out couple of times a week. I have used .15 Trimix and its gives me blue steel for nearly a hour.

But hearing your timeline, I am very encouraged. Thx for sharing it. Will welcome any other tips and techniques.

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I think the most important thing I did with all this was to "get my head on straight". It is what it is. I decided early that if I was never going to be able to obtain an adequate erection to be able to have intercourse - so be it. I don't think that it defines me as a man. Even without an erection I decided I could still have the ability to find ways to feel sexually "complete". I threw out the popsicle sticks and duct tape which was my plan for a treatment of last resort.

Next, I got myself on a health diet and exercise routine. I think this is always a key to a improved sex life.

Finally, I "cut holes in my pockets". Not really, but I kind of got obsessed with reviving the dead. I returned to my youth and started "playing with it" frequently. Didn't always feel good but I didn't give up. Sometimes it never responded and other times I would notice a slight improvement. When I would get any response I would Kegel like crazy to try to maintain as much of an erection as possible for as long as possible. I found Kegels to be very helpful in maintaining but not in obtaining an erection. Gradually it just started to seem like it had a mind of it's own again. I don't think I have to worry about popping one while walking in the mall or anything. I also think the days of it being ready to go before I get my clothes off will ever return but it is near normal with some additional foreplay.

That's about all I did to return to function. Patience and acceptance but no surrender. I'm not sure since I'm now in salvage radiaton that I will continue to be functional but won't be due to lack of trying.

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Apparently you have overcome your fear of being clobbered, and that's a good thing, as your sense of humor as well as your determination in dealing with a "touchy" subject makes for a light-hearted, but informative post. Kudos to you for having the courage to share your statement: "I don't think that it defines me as a man." In the case of my husband, he too, feels as you do, and from my perspective as a woman, the ability or inability to perform in the bedroom does not define him or make him any less (or more) of a man. His character, physical and emotional strength, positive attitude, kindness & willingness to give to others, passion for life, are what define him as a man, a husband, and a father. He is my hero and an inspiration & role model for our three adult sons.

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Thank you for your post. Your perspective as a spouse and mother in defining what is really important in a relationship was very insightful to me and it is a good reminder for many men about what, at the end of the day, is most important. Obviously it is a "touchy" subject for many men and for those who undergo a change in their previous image of themselves either through injury, age, or treatment should be gladdened to know there are caring, loving, and insightful women such as yourself. Best to you.

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Thank you mrspjd and Kongo for your posts. I am 61 years old, radical prostatectomy March 2009. I am still dealing with the incontinence though it is improving. I have tried Cialis and Viagra hoping to improve the blood flow issue while incontinence is improving with no luck with erection, just a minor change with semi firmness.
Your posts are insightful and as you said, Kongo, a good reminder for many men about what is most important at the end of the day. My wife has assured me that if we can no longer have sexual intercourse it is not a problem. She said that we have been married 36 wonderful years and had a great sex life the first 35.
God bless her for understanding and accepting and still loving me for what I am.

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Appreicate your post and it sounds like you have a wonderful and sympathetic partner. Although you've tried the Cialis and Viagra route with varying degrees of effectiveness, I hope you don't give up. I believe doctors in this area should treat the whole man, not just the cancer, and there may well be other procedures, drugs, or techniques that could be effective. What is your doctor telling you? At 61 you are still a young man and ought to have a robust sex life. Although some men have difficulty reclaiming their old vigor after treatment, many men following RP regain a potency level close to what they had before surgery and some claim that it is as good or better than before. Having a supportive wife, a proactive doctor, and a willing desire seem to me to be the ingredients for a successful outcome. Hope it works for you soon.

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My hubbie had his davinci april 27. He is 52 years old.
His recovery as far as continence has been slow but steady. He finally quit wearing pads about 2 weeks ago, probably could have stopped sooner but wanted the security (I don't blame him). He will still occasionally have a couple of drops come out with getting up and down but they are few and far between. By the way, his doc put in a sling during the procedure and I don't know if that had anything to do with his success, but he is pretty much dry.
As far as the erection department, recovery there has been more slow but pretty much steady. I've been his biggest cheerleader but also like another lady posted, his ability to have an erection is not what defines him whatsoever. It is HIM I love not his penis!! Well, I love his penis too but with or without it I love my hubby!! lol
Anyway, he had had a steady 'diet' of cialis and viagra (he started with cialis, tried viagra, and is now back to cialis again). His erections are not usable but we both have of late noticed a sure but steady improvement. A little wifely love and some creative thinking have gotten him many an orgasm. I was fascinated that (and I am a registered nurse, mind you) a man can have an orgasm without an erection. That is awesome! My main concern for him was his satisfaction - Lord knows there are many ways he can satisfy me and not just with his penis. We have a great sex life despite the lack of full Woody!

Little by little, there are changes going on. He can get to about 60% of his old erection now with a full Viagra or Cialis an hour or so before hand. In the last month there has really been a change. The urologist said he could keep gaining function for the next several years! So we are in no hurry but we just keep exercising. Yes, it is a muscle and needs exercise. He uses the pump every day after his shower as well. Some men don't like it but Jesse is convinced it has had a lot to do with his recovery as well.
I'm rambling here, but just wanted to share our experience so others could be encouraged. He was a little discouraged here and there the last few months but the progress has been pretty steady.

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Nice to hear from you again! Glad Jessie is coming along on his healing.
My next checkup is on Oct. 26 so starting to get the dreaded thoughts on the PSA Check again.

How is Randy in Indy Doing? Haven't seen him post in awhile.


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My doctor had recommened that i use this new device called ErecAid that uses vacuum therapy and so far I have not gotten the devioce back as of yet, but my insurance seems to going to pay for most of it. I have not used anything like this before because I have never had a problem before is there anyone here that have possibly used this device before and how were the results. So good luck and if I am thinking about geting some viagra from my doc tpo see if that helps sooms after my incontenence problem is under control first.

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I have used a vaccuum pump for three years now. It is very effective in keeping the blood flow to the penis. Very hard erections but can only be used to maintain an erection for about twenty minutes at a time. Have used viagara and cialis with little result. Have had nerve sparing surgery and progress in this department is very slow. The pump restores what I once had. Wortha try.


griff 1
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where did you get the pump your doctor or a store, i guess i am going to have to try one. my dr. said injections but that does not sound to good to me!!! any comments anybody. thanks griff

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My operation was Oct 6 for the prostatectomy but had another surgery on Oct 13 for internal bleeding (blood thinner issues for me). Have regained 99% contenance with catheter out for two weeks now and happy with that progress. Now comes the ED.

We got very little instruction/advice but what we did get was to start with 25mg twice a week. She gave us 4 50mg samples to start with. She said use visual stimulation as well to help. I asked why Viagra over Cialis and they said they like to start with Viagra as a base line.

Wondering what to expect the first time out with the pill? I know everyone is different but wondering what various experiences have been with the first few times. Have never taken it before and had no problems prior to surgery. In fact, the surgeon said I had impressive nerve bundles and a nice layer of fatty tissue around them that allowed separation from the prostate easily so I have my fingers crossed that success will come over time.

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I'm not sure if I gave you this url in the past; however, if you have not looked at it and you are starting penile rehab it may be of interest:


Its three lectures by Dr. Mulhall that cover ED therapy. Lasts about 1.5 hours, but you can skip to the good parts. I've been told Dr. Mulhall is one of the countries experts in this field.

You may also want to get a copy of Dr. Mulhall's "Saving Your Sex Life, A guide for Men With Prostate Cancer".

I found both the video lectures and book to be helpful.

Best wishes and good luck.

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12 months on the 4 dec radical prostectomy feeling real good now pysically mentally and sexualy .some normal erections not as spontanious as before but they work and we don,t waste em . no ed meds now and feeling very comfortable and relaxed ,Yes a good wife or partner helps greatly and yes there are many ways to satisfy the wife .Life is good don,t waste a single day .Take care all my birthday tommoro maybe I may get lucky hahahaha

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