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Joined: Apr 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Donna is done with chemo!!! 4AC; 4 Taxol; No Port. One last chemo crash coming this weekend.

First appointment with radiation oncologist is tomorrow, but for now,we are just happy to be done with chemo.

Thanks to everyone here for helping me through this!!!


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jo jo
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WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! No more chemo...thats a great feeling isnt it! Tell Donna great job and you did great also Bob...im sure you being there for her made the world of difference! Wish there was more men out there like that!

shy violet
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Joined: Aug 2010

Bob, So so happy for you both. Thank You for being such a caring hubby...it means so much to the warrior sisters here...keep us posted with the rads...love, shy

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that's got to be a wonderful feeling! I'm so happy for your wife that she's all done with it!!! Best of luck to you both!

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I am so excited you guys are done with your chemo. I am sure she probably is only thinking she's finished after her chemo crash, but it is so great to be through with the actual infusions. So happy for you both!

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Jean 0609
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I know you both have to be so happy that chemo is done. I know what you mean about the chemo crash. Just remember, this is the last one.....yay!!!! Hugs to you both, Jean

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That's GREAT news!! The chemo was the worst for me and now that is behind you and Donna. The rads are no picnic but not the "crash" as with chemo. Good luck on the remainder of treatments and let us know how you are both doing. Take care.

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I am so happy for you both,know how good it feels to be done with chemo. Rads were much easier for me, hope they will be for Donna too. God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

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as you stated .. 1 more crush this week-end. I hope your Ono gives Donna a few weeks to re-cup before the radiation starts.

Great news indeed!

Bob, you are a wonderful and loving husband who has stood by Donna's side thru out her chemo ordeal. You've done yourself proud!

Enjoy your posts, and your commitment to keep Donna safe, happy and healthy!

Vicki Sam

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Fantastic news Bob! What an awesome husband you are.

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congratulations to you donna and your family, You gave a smuch to us as we gave to you! I remember last day of chemo being a very happy proud day!

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Yabba Dabba Dooooo. Happy for the both of you! On to phase 2 of recovery. Tell Donna I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers. Katz

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