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"Break the Silence" tee shirts

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For the benefit of those who asked me via Face Book and CSN e mail about purchasing the tee shirts we wore in the NOCC 5K last Saturday, they aren't technically for sale (ours being such an exclusive group and all...ha ha), but I think I can score a few shirts. I promised to be responsible for the postage and for mailing them out. So send me a message (my email is at the bottom of my profile story, too) and we can trade addresses.

It rained the whole morning and even though we had over 1,000 runners (using the term loosely here, since I was one of them and definitely did not "run"), we were expecting about 2,500 so we have a few shirts left....LOL.

I posted some photos on Face Book of my team, and the "official" pics are here...

Check out all the umbrellas! A lot of people assumed it was cancelled. I said, "Are you kidding? We have CANCER; what's a little rain?"

The tee shirts are teal and lime green on white and they have the cancer ribbon and say "Break the Silence". We also had teal shirts with lime green and they say "Survivor" (as well as the other stuff).


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