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What's the scoop on your poop

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Nana b
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Interesting. Thanks for posting it, learned a lot....scored a 5 so I suppose I need to pay better attention.


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I like to see reasoning, evidence, reference to scientific studies in such recommendations. There is nothing of that here, so it is just all BS, so far as I can judge.

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Nana b
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I believe there is some truth here....... IBS and Chrons have these symptoms and they all lead to Cancer, if not taken care of.

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Don't believe in a lot, but just because I had IBS for over 30 years and now have colon cancer, and saw through many other articles, that if you have IBS, your doc's should be checking you for colon cancer, I was shocked. Diagnosed IBS and never had one doctor recommend being checked early for colon cancer. So I'll give it some validity on my part.
Winter Marie

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Yes I am the stressed out one in the family and have had IBS since the age of 15 off and on. I read an article that said the same thing and my doctor knew I had IBS and never ordered a colonscopy. So when my mom was dxn'd with colon cancer, I insisted on having a colonscopy. With my digestive issues, I seriously thought I had colon cancer, but I'm clear. Right now I'm having some issues, but hopefully when I get out in the yard this weekend, I can work them out. I'm into policing my health a little bit more now.

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