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Olfactory Neuroblastoma treatment

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Has anyone had this type of tumour treated by radiotherapy using RapidArc? I live in the UK and had endescopic surgery to remove an olfactory nueroblastoma in July 2010. I am due to start radiotherapy treatment next week and can't find anyone online in the UK with this type of tumour. RapidArc is a new IMRT radiation machine which should deliver the radiation in 2 minutes at each session (I am having 34 sessions). I just wondered if anyone in the US had experience of it and how bad were the side effects?

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I believe that RapidArc is also called Tomotherapy. I had a friend that went thru it and a couple on this site have also. They might know more about it than me. I believe it is on a machine more like a CT machine and is a little more accurate than IMRT. The ones that went thru it would know more about the side effects, I believe that they are the same as IMRT. Best Wishes & Prayers on your upcoming treatment

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Hi Dave

Thanks for replying and also for the info on Tomotherapy. It sounds very similar and I've found someone on the site who has experienced it so have sent them a message. I start my treatment this week so thank you so much for your best wishes and prayers.
Kind regards

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I underwent endo surgery and 35 IMRT treatments for Esthesionueroblastoma (same as Oralfactory, just different name.) If you read my profile, you can see some of the side effects that happen during treatment. I am a 2 year survivor.


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