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DR called today

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Good news today dr called and said biopsy did not show cancer on thorasic spine

now he wants to go ahead with the surgery on lung but I wonder if maybe he should biopsy the lung first wouldnt that make more sense then to get cut open what if it isnt cancer there either the tharasic looked like cancer but wasnt any suggestions ?

Thanks Sheri22

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I am glad you got good news!

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Glad to hear that.

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A biopsy is always a good option, Sheri. My tumors in the lung all grew so big and rapidly, that we went to cutting right away, because regardless, they were getting too big and had to come out one way or the other.

One surgery was benign....this last surgery mets to lung.

Just take an appointment and discuss your concerns on this matter and then you can get a better feel of what to do.

Biopsies can be hit and miss, especially if the tumor is relatively small. Even CT guided, there is a chance of error.

See how big this spot is - another option would be to get its size and then watch it for a month or 2 and then see if it is bigger. If it grows or has grown substantially, that could change the equation.

Please keep us all informed.


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Good news Sheri!!! Craigs advice is very sound and I agree 100%. You take care.


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So very glad that the spine is ok.

Craig's advise, as usual, is very on point. Best to discuss it with your doc.

Keeping fingers crossed for you.

Marie who loves kitties

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I wanted it out of me....no biopsy, just out..I wanted to be able to let them gawk at it in a petri dish, not inside of me...now its out and there were no nodes affected and all clear margins...it did however have colon cancer cells in it sooooooo, what ever. They can't detect any abnormal blood tests and nothing is showing up in any of the tests...I go also Monday to post op surgery to see whats going on and go from there...I am still sore. It is a hard surgery even with vats for me it was. they took half of my left upper lobe, buttttt, I am not sorry that it is now somewhere either in formaldehyde or in a trash bin...It isn't inside me and thats all that matters...That cancer is completely dead and gone.......all we have to do now is get rid of the rest of it....all small victories to eventually win the big battle..........Love to you....Clift

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good news Sherri....excellent news....and on you go


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Thanks everyone for replies Craig : You mustve read my mind I had decided after I posted other day to get my results from past scans and measurements compare them then talk to my DR I just dont want to make them think I DONT TRUST THEM I DO it is cleveleland clinic
but my gut instinct tells me I need to take on more resposibility in this The place on my spine they really thought was cancer til they did the biopsy and my CEA is only 6.2 which is going to be higher anyways because [kick my butt now I do smoke] working on quitting
anyways befor I get this urgery I am going to ask them about the biopsy thanks for listening


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