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Once chemos and radiation are completed what is protocol for scans and tests and follow up

hopeful girl 1
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Hi all.

Once treatment plan is completed (surgery/chemos/radiations/chemos) what is the standard protocol for follow up visits and tests? At what point is a scan done after treatments are completed? Do they do a CT to include up to neck or head as well as the CA125 test, and exam? Please advise.

Strength,healing and hope to all.

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Hi. Once my treatment was over my doc ordered a ct scan, Chest Xray and a pap/rectal and blood work. Then he asked me to go for a mamogram. That was the immediately after the end of Chemo. I just went for my third three months checkup (ned. My chemo doc wants me to do a ct scan I guess that is the six month after the first scan. I have an appointment with my surgeon in November and I will ask him what he thinks about having a scan. My blood work is good and my ca 125 is down to "1". Not that it is a good marker for me. November 15 will be my one year anniversary. Thank God. Let us know how you are doing.Hugs June

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
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I am doing ok Nempark. Congrats on your upcoming 1 year anniversary. That is wonderful. I have two more chemos remaining. My 5th chemo was cancelled this week due to low platelet count: 79,000 and shoould be 150,000-400,000. Also my hemaglobin is 9 right now which I believe is pretty low. My white counts are low but they came up alittle to WBC 2.3 and neutrophils 1.6. (The neutrophils doubled from a week ago, when they were at .8 following the 4th chemo).

My doc mentioned to me just think I only have two more to go and then I am done.
I asked him about what comes next, a scan etc. He said he is not big on scans, and we will talk about that later. He said he will see me a month after chemo ends. He said he believes more in symptoms, exams, and he said marker test is good for me as post surgery it was about 300 and is now down to 5. Everything I read on the boards is that people get scans afterwards, so I want to make sure I get the proper follow up to catch any possible reoccurences early, as I was 3C.

Thoughts please.

Strength, healing and happiness to all!

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