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Scam Scan

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Just back from a very long day in HK at the AM Med Cancer Clinic where I was treated last year, to get the big PET CT. 1 year out of treatment next week and first scan since mid December last year. It was a very big one for me. I was truly blessed today with a completely clear Scan.

I am a little too tired to do my jig but am truly thankful to all those on these pages who have helped my and others in this fight. And we shall keep fighting and helping others to do the same.

My dream tonight is that I wake to read the same good news for our friends Glenna and Charles.

Noighty Noight.

friend of Bill
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Congratulations Scam. Great outcome. Thank you for your thoughtful, helpful posts.


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Glenna M
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Fantastic news!!! I'm sure there are many of us who will do the happy dance for you so you can get some rest. After receiving such good news I'm sure you will have no problem getting a good nights sleep.

I'm doing great, today is my one year anniversary post treatment and I'm still going strong and expecting to have many more years to enjoy.

Hoping to hear great news from Charles soon!!!

Stay well,

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Congratulations, Scam. Very proud for you.

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Always great to read good news! So happy for you!

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I have not helped you as I recently joined this wonderful network. How ever I am extremely thrilled to hear your wonderful news.

I go by the thought of new birthday for the day we are diagnosed. This new beginning is the start of Survivorship. Congrats on making that big time goal of one year.

My dreams begin with waking to good news for all those touched by this ugliness, no one deserves to be effected.

Hope you rested well and continue with year two of your survivorship.


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Scam, so happy to hear this news. Sleep well.

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NED dance......

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Such sweet words

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The greatest 4 words on the planet! yippee!

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I was so happy to read this when I got to work. Enjoy this wonderful news.

Love ya,


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Great to here the good news, Wish I could dance like your kids LOL

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Congrats to you and yours, I know it feels good!

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Congratulations. So nice to read. You rock!

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Awesome news on the NED!

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Hi there

I am thrilled for you and relived* by your great news.
(i meant "relieved", but the slip says alot)

So there must be something to all those greens.


We're on board with daily Fruit shakes, Juicer & weeks worth of smoothies
Ive trashed the meat stuff.

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Super report! I'm so glad you shared your good news! Congrats!

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Glad to hear the scam scan was a grand slam. For all of the great advice you've given around you deserved some great news!

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Good news indeed.

I am keeping it short so you can get some well deserved rest.


Very cute kids in your pic. You have allot to live for.



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Way to go man, Denis

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I'm glad to hear that the scan was so good! but how did you find out the results the same day?????


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Congratulation's on your wonderfull new's!

Lena Rose
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What great news!

PS-Scam, you're kids are simply adorable!

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Congratulations, Scambuster.
That is wonderful news indeed.

--Jim in Delaware

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Pam M
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Great to hear - I'm doing the chair version of the dance of joy now. Love your pic - looks like the kids are doing the dance of joy for you.

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It is so humbling to get all the kinds words, it does mean a lot, to log on and see you all here.

As many of you know, I am adverse to 'overscanning' even though it is a nasty 'Catch 22' but I did decline to do interim scans since my last Scan in December which was the first post treatment which was only 10 weeks after treatment finished.

From Sunday, I started mega dosing on Vit C and other anti-Oxidants and did the right diet stuff pre Scan (No Carbs, no sugars etc) I had an early start to get over te border fm China to HK and get to the Clinic in time as you know they time everything so the Radioactive sugar they make arrives at the right time (otherwise a $700 bill for nothing).

The Scan went fine and I was booked to return at 4pm for the results. I sort of kept busy seeing other doctors for a some minor skin cancers i had to get burnt off (routine for me being a super white boy who satyed on the beach far to much as a kid). I also had a mega healthy lunch and 3 shots of wheatgrass and juice and anothe handful of antioxidants to help clear any radioactive stuff out of my system to reduce any potentially nasty side effects.

Anyway, I was calm on the surface but dreading the results as we all do. My Onc Doc was late for the 4 oclock, and the folder with the PET CT was on his desk. Now imagine the scene with the unattended kid trying NOT to eat the cookie, well I lasted about 2 minutes and I grabbed the folder and opened it up. I panicked, 'then' put my glasses on and reread and saw a 'NO' in front of 'activity' and 'Uptake' and it was all good news, right the way through. It's always a huge relief. Your whole life is in the balance at that moment. So Doc came in and was happy about the results.

We talked a bit about HPV and it seems it's all the blame now with very strong evidence showing DNA activity of the HPV within tumors. It seems they can only test for it with the biopsy and not through blood work so I still don't know if I was HPV + or -ve.

I asked him if he read 'The China Study' which I gave him last visit and he said "Yes -...and there is some interesting stuff in there". (Scam falls over) Anyway I asked about maybe getting the clinic to provide plant based alternatives to the supplements (ENSURE, BOOST, JEVITY etc) and he sort of nodded his head in a positive way.

Charles, the service is very good in HK, so we get results on the same day. When I was diagnosed in Aug 2009, it was Biopsy Tuesday, Results and sad talk Thursday, PET CT Friday, results and Cancer board Friday pm and Surgery 8am Monday morning. That was a whirlwind week.

Just to finish off I would advise people going for a Scan to dose up on the Antidants before and after the scans especially, to help reduce the side efects of the Scans, and I was also told (and did) avoid going near people for 7 hours after the injection and I didn't go near my little kids (them doing the jig) till this morning after 2 showers and drinking loads of water as soon as I was out of the Scan.

Now we are just waiting for the good news from Charles.

Thanks everyone.

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I also received my PET/CT scan yesterday although I am still waiting for my results.It is wonderful to hear your great news.I am hoping to be able to post the same tomorrow.I just want to thank you for all of your positive energy you share with everyone and to say I've been using your mantra "My mind is clear and My body is healthy" in fact I repeated it during my scan.

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When I get good news I like to go play until my fingers hurt. Great news Scam.



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Great news Scam I will do the dance just for you my friend

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Hi Scam,
That is great news and good advice about scans. What are Antidants though? (sorry if you've already told us and I can't remember). Also, if you learn more about HPV+ and DNA causing HNCs please pass it on. One of my bosses at work, also a non-smoker, male in his 50s, was diagnosed with HNC. Weird how our lives (those we are in contact with daily and those we are in virtual contact with) while seemingly not related, are tied together in ways we never would have thought of.


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So glad to read about your NED scan!

Kent Cass
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OH YEAH! This is great news for one and all to learn of. I know you're gonna experience more times such as this- so get used-to it! OH YEAH.


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Congrats Scam!!!


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D Lewis
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So happy to hear your great news! Still dancing for you.


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