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Has anyone used Maitake Mushrooms for Liver Cancer

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I heard Maitake Mushroom is good for patients with Liver cancer has anyone else had it? My husband is diagnosed with Wilms Tumor.. a cancer found in children and rarely in adults, he is in stage 4 and had his right kidney removed.,..I cant find any ppl with Wilms on here..

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Joanne
I have never heard of this cancer, but wanted to let you know that there is a discussion board here for rare cancers. You might want to post this there. I am not familiar with the mushroom treatment either. Sorry. Hope others reply.

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I took Maitake mushroom extract for about a month and a half. It's not really for liver cancer it's suppose to aid your immune system. The reason I stopped is my last liver panel was all out of wack so I stopped everything trying to bring it back in range. I go back tomorrow to see where they are now. I don't know if the Maitake had anything to do with the elevated tests but didn't want to chance it if was affecting my liver function.

God bless, hope your dad had a good trip to see his parents!

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Hi Mike!

I've been wondering how you're doing -- so glad to see you online!

What's going on with you? Best of everything to you in your next tests.

My brother went to MD Anderson last week, but they can't do the therasphere therapy for him. They're giving him another round of chemo (don't have the med names yet, should have them by tomorrow) and suggested he get into some clinical trial somewhere on the west coast. We're exploring that option now.

Take care, Mike. You are in my family's prayers!

Sandy :)

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