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BIG DAY for Glenna and Irishgypsie!

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Today, I believe Glenna celebrates one year post treatment! Congratulations Glenna!! Many have said that at the year point you have regained all that you will regain. Can you please let us know what 1 year looks like.
Good job girl...keep moving forward!!

Irishgypsie has his first PET today...let us all send all the good stuff we can his way. Thinking of you as you move through this day...and remember, you have that puppy to get home to.

Hugs all around,

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All the best to both of you today, may God bless and guide you both

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Congrats to Glenna! Thank you for all your support & posts helping everyone on this site!
Best wishes on a clean PET Irishgypsie! Believe!
Love & Prayers to you both! Patty

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Glenna M
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It made my day (and made me smile ;) to read this while having my morning coffee, a great start to a dreary day. Dreary only because it has been raining and cold for 2 days ;(

At 2:30 this afternoon I will be exactly 1 year post treatment and can't tell you how amazing this is physically and emotionally - especially since my original prognosis (from the surgeon who told me the biopsy results) was rather bleak. I was diagnosed in May '09 and he made it sound like I might not be here for Christmas that year.

If this is as good as it gets then I am not going to complain...can't complain anyways because at least I am still here!!! I'm listing below everything I can think of that might be of interest to those who are just starting or have just finished their treatments.

Saliva - 75% of normal. I still need to sip water with certain foods and I sip water
frequently during the day to help with the dry mouth.

Taste buds - seems to depend on the foods I am eating but I haven't tried anything that I
can't taste. Some foods taste too salty and others (mustard, ketchup, and tomato
sauces) burn my tongue so I can only use in moderation.

Mucous - Still have days that I wake up because of too much mucous but they are few and
far between.

Sleep - Still wake during the night for a sip of water and a bathroom call, some nights I
can sleep for 4 or 5 hours without waking up so this is a definite improvement!!

Stamina - Maybe 70% of what it used to be. I still have not regained all of the muscle I
lost but am still trying. It was an unseasonably hot summer here so I couldn't go for
my walks (I also have lung cancer and emphysema) so the hot and humid days kept me

Weight - Am still trying to regain some of my weight..went from 120 to 98 during treatment.
I'm up to 104 and I'm able to maintain this weight so I'm not going to complain.

Emotionally - Most days I am fine but still find myself wishing for my old life back
occasionally, I'm sure we all do ;-) When I feel that way I tell myself to stop the
pity party and be thankful for what I have. I don't get quite as anxious prior to my
CT scans...but I still worry about the results ;(

Check ups - I was having a CT scan every 3 months, after my last scan my Rad Onc said "I'll
see you in 6 month - WooHoo!!! I also went from seeing my ENT monthly for the
"dreaded" scope to seeing him every 2 months.

I would say one year out looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I may not have regained everything 100% but what I have regained is very doable and I am quite pleased with where I am now. As most people here know, you can't really go by my results as everyone recovers differently. I just want everyone to know that it DOES get better. I also want everyone to know that I did not receive any shots prior to radiation to help save my salivary glands but I feel that I am doing great in that department.

I also want to let Charles know that I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers his way. I'm hoping that Abby will keep him occupied while he waits for the results, she is such a precious puppy and I know she will bring him endless hours of fun and a lifetime of unconditional love.

Thanks again Kim, you are a very thoughtful and compassionate woman and I feel blessed to consider you my friend.

Hugs and positive thoughts to everyone,

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Thanks for this fantasitic update...it gives me so much to look forward too. Very exciting.

Best regards to all here,

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Here's to another great and long year! :)

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It takes more than one to get to the one year mark. Congrats to both of you. I believe the #1 caregiver has it just as hard as the survivor. I was taught years ago that one year is the biggest goal, my doctors were thrilled to make it to that point. Making one year raises the opportunity to get thru to 5 years.

I think one year is not enough to feel you full new normal. I found it closer to two years. So many changes and such slow recovery both phy. and mentally. We all so look forward to hearing about year two.

Thanks for sharing the Great New!

Prayers go out to Irishgypsie!

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Congrats to you both......

Kim, actually I don't totally agree with the statement that it's as good as it gets after a year (at least for me).

I'm going on 16 months since my last treatment June 19th, 2009. I am sure that I am still having improvements, both taste and saliva. I know for sure that I am as for taste.

But, concerning one year, my ENT has stated many times that the one year mark is a milestone. That if I made it one year without recurrence, the percentages of recurrence are minimal and greater than 90%+. As he's been right on with all of his other information, I'm going for his experience and knowledge on that one as well.

Hopefully all of you will continue to improve also....the body is a wonderful thing with the ability to heal itself and survive.

Best to all,

friend of Bill
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One year is an enormous milestone! Terrific. Agree with John: Am approaching 2 years @ end of this month and have plateaued in some areas but still making gains in neuropathy, fatigue, taste and emotionally. Keep doing what you are doing!


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so glad to hear 1 year & clear

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Charles and Glenna:

prayers have been going out to Charles since 2am this morning. Can't wait to see a NED post.

And Glenna, congrats on a year. I love your sense of humor and great presence on this board.

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Glenna M
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Sweet certainly describes you!!! We shall now call you Sweet Sweet ;-)

I'm also thinking of Charles and anxiously awaiting his results, I want to do the happy dance when he says NED!!!

Thanks to everyone here for their kind words, prayers and congratulations. I am still having a hard time grasping the fact that I am one year post treatment. It was h*ll and the recovery was a long road but the year went by so fast. I'm hoping time will slow down a little now as I want to savor every moment of it.

Hugs and love to everyone,

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And may you have many years of good health and much happiness!

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I am happy for you
You gotto stay on this site along with your friends here.
Many learn from yr experiences
Thoughts for the Gypsy

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Hey PEEPS, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful wishes and prayer sent my way; I know the results will be good. It's in GODS hands now! Love to all! Big Hugs!!


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Congratulations on this day being your one year anniversary. I know what you mean about thing's being the way they used to be as I most day's say that to myself. Then I remember & think of the positive that I would never have met anyone so kind & thoughtfull such as you. I love your jokes & your uplifting spirit. Charles! I remember when you first joined CSN it seem's as though it was only yesterday. look how far you have come & how great you are doing! I am praying that you have a clean scan & wish you all my best! Hugg's to you both!

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Ur making me blush. Lol. :)) big grin

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I know what the one-year milestone meant to me, and I'm so glad you've crossed it.
Congratulations -- and many happy returns of the day.

--Jim in Delaware

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Pam M
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Glenna, congrats on your one year anniversary. Here's to many more.

Charles, I'm with you on expecting to hear good results.

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Glenna congrats on your year anniversary. Charles waiting to hear your great news.

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Ditto on the congratulations! And Thanks! The posts are very very encouraging for those of us and caregivers just starting on the journey.

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Awesome news Glenna! Couldn't happen to a nicer person!

And expecting good news for you Charles.

Positive thoughts!!


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Doing the happy dance for you Glenna. So happy for your good news!!!

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