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Candies/Food that stimulates saliva production?

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Hi everyone! I am trying to find candies/food that would help stimulate my mum's saliva production. She tried Biotene sugarless gum, and it burnt her tongue/throat really bad. Besides, she cannot eat/drink anything that is acidic (burns her tongue/throat as well).
Recently the mint flavored mentos seemed to help her. Any recommendations? Thanks! God bless you.

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D Lewis
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Hi, Jess

I'm 4 1/2 months out, and nothing seems to help much with the saliva issue. About the only time I seem to be experiencing any excess mouth moisture at all is when I fill up my dental trays with the Prevident paste and jam them over my upper and lower teeth. And, I can't much recommend this to anyone, because it burns my mouth and tongue. Maybe that's what it takes.


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Pam M
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I've heard tart foods work well. I couldn't eat anything tart at first, but could tolerate Stride gum, Mega Mystery flavor. It didn't produce loads of saliva, but did help. I have some in my purse now.

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I use Biotene gum and Stoppers 4 dry mouth which is a spray. They both help a little.


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I use the Biotene gum and Stoppers 4 dry mouth spray

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I use the Sugarless Eclipse mints which come in small pocket sized tins. They work a treat.

If her mouth is still burning, you should look into getting her some -L-Glutamine powder.


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I also use Stoppers 4, it is the best I have found in over 14 years. I tried the Bioteen gum with little success.

I would like to add to begin now with breathing thru nose. Durning the day is not so bad as we can always add some kind of moisture. Sleeping is the best time to sleep with mouth closed. I actually forced my mouth shut with thumb as I laid and my side. After many months this created a habit of mouth being shut. Now it's a couple spays of Stoppers 4, close mouth and sleep sometimes all night. But if I awake with dryness it is a couple more sprays and spit in paper towel and back to sleep with very little awake time.


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I have used some of the tart sugar free gums on the market. Not so much as saliva generators, just for chewing.

I was pleasantly surprised when they did produce more saliva though.

Though I don't need or use it as much, Biotene makes a small spray that is good for a quick burst also. I would keep it in my truck for just such an instance.


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You can try suckers, but I would suggest dipping them in water before putting them in your mouth so they don't get stuck to your dry tongue. Depending on the size you can handle I would start with a lollipop or a dum dum. The fun thing about dum dums is that the Raspberry ones turn your tongue blue so those are always fun to give to someone.

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Sorry SASH, LOL, everytime I hear dum dum now, it reminds me of the movie "Night At The Museum"...you have gum gum, dum dum....

It was really hard for me and my sense of humor not to crack jokes on my new boss. Is name is Velummylum....he's a great guy though, so I refrain.


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