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Hi All! Checkin In On My Peeps :)

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Hey all, just wanted to give you guys a checkin' in on. I FINALLY got a picture for my profile. I dont like my picture being taken in the first place. And since all my changes I REALLY didnt want my picture taken until recently. My weight finally settled out. I started the whole journey at 214 lb. I got my weight stable at about 182 lb when they took the feeding tube out, I dropped another 18lbs and finally settled out at about 167lb, which I must say I LOVE!!!!! Has definitely been the one brightest spot in all of this, other than still being alive with 2 clean CTs since my last treatment.
But dropping the weight has definitely made getting back into excersising easier. And due to the several mouth issues, dry mouth, sensitive tongue, etc that I still experience on certain levels, it has also really helped to control my bad eating habits, and portions at the same time.
Im pretty much back to full energy. I do go to bed a little earlier than I used to, which I used to stay up WAY too late anyway, but I will have to say that sleep is MUCH more satisfying now. I do enjoy sleeping a lot more now. And sleep will DEFINITELY speed your recovery up. GET LOTS OF IT!!!!
Im pretty much back to full speed. Which should be an example for you that you will get better! There was that time not too long ago that I thought I was on deaths door, in every way imaginable. But now here I am.

God bless you all, victims sharing their stories and those looking for an ear to listen, families in search for info for loved ones, vets giving up knowledge of experience to those in need........Thank You and I'll keep checking in on you guys and of course give you any info that I find and can share....



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Pam M
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Thanks for checking in, Gravey. Glad to hear you're doing well, and have two clean scans under your belt. Nice pic.

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Great Pic! Glad to hear from you, and great news at that! God bless you and your family.
Stay strong - you are doing fantastic! You give hope & encouragement to all.
Love & Prayers, Patty

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Like the photo of your cozy kitty....writing kitty mewmoires….


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Man, can't believe that's you, you look great....

Yep, definitely a rough diet, and not one that I'd wish on anyone.

Keep up the awesome work, you (and your family) look awesome.


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Good to see you! Love the photo. I really love that your post sounds strong and positive. Stay well!



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Glenna M
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Your picture is beautiful!!! Happy to hear you are still going strong ;-)

Stay well,

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Great looking picture my friend, thanks for sharing

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Good to see you back Gravey and actually see you. I agree with the 'new weight'. I am lovin' it and hope I can stay in my new streamline version. There is a lot to be said for keeping close to your ideal BMI but you do need to regain a little condition to make it work.

Glad things are going well for you.

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