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Ok Guys, have to admit

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I am getting really worried. You all know I have a colonoscopy coming up, and the fear is starting to ramp up. I'm taking stool softners for the pain, and it's helping with that. BUT...the shape is ALL WRONG which is a warning sign of colon cancer and blockages.

Crap. I hate worrying and at times I do pretty good, then others? Not so great.

Thanks for letting me vent. I need it.

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Try not to worry about that colonoscopy to much. Easier said than done I know. I think, but not sure you were saying you had some tumors in your abdomen. Those tumors can put pressure from the outside and cause bowel problems. I could actually feel the tumors in my abdomen,but not anymore they have really shrunk up. Anyway I was scheduled for my colonoscopy at that time. I was worried because I could feel those tumors. I did not know where they were,in my colon or what. I had the colonoscopy and all was clear except for a few benign polyps. The Dr. told me The problems I was having was due to the pressure on my colon from the tumors. After I started chemo all my problems cleared up in a few weeks. Try to rest easy. Remember, anything you read on those sites is related to cancer. I learned that early. Anything that is slightly out of the ordinary is possible signs of cancer. It pi$$eS me off to read that everytime I go to look up something. John

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I know what you mean about reading websites. I've been checking out the colon cancer discussion group more than anywhere else.

As for where mine was, none in the abdomen. Started out left groin, then left hip, then left armpit, right lung, and by my spine close to my esophogus.

I know it's just worried, can't help it. LOL. It'll be ok.

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Just try to be positive, you have been thru so much, nothing wrong with venting and worrying, we all do it! We are all praying for the best!!!!!

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