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Diet and Post Prostate Treatment

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So many have been so helpful here. I have reread Dr. Patrick Walsh, googled "diet and prostate cancer" and have read volumes. All this has led to a question that I think I have an answer to, but wished to pose it here. Is it firmly established that after one has had treatment that diet in the way of red meat elimination and dairy elimination is effective? There are reams of material on ProstateCA prevention and elimination of dairy and red meat. I believe that it is effective, but there was one thing in Walsh's book that left me with some confusion. He talked about lung cancer, and said if one never smoked the chance of lung cancer is minimal. If one smoked and stopped prior to any diagnosis, the chances of lung cancer go down exponentially with time. If one smoked and stopped after diagnosis...Not so...And he was using this as an analogy with diet and prostate cancer. You can see my reason for concern, but I find Walsh's book somewhat weak on Diet, so I do not know if he looks at it more lightly than others???

And an aside for Kongo...No red meat or dairy since we last chatted online. Learning the world of soy based products and shifting from the red meats. So much is doable, but early on the learning curve. My wife is a great cook and help as far as sorting this all out. Thanks again all.

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From my perception of what I have read from Walsh et al...I would agree that most of urologists are somewhat reserved to the aspects of diet to the extend that I am...My urologist oncologist talks to me about diet all the time...he just called me with some questions...You can still eat right and have major issues but for me it is the only thing I am able to control in this journey with PCa 100%…

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Not being a cancer nutritionist I am only making an educated guess, but the reason you want to eliminate dairy and red meat is to reduce the IGF (insulin growth factors) that act as accelerants for cancer. Even after treatment, we all run the risk of recurrence and removing from our bodies those chemicals that provide a nutritious environment for cancer just makes sense to me.

In Dr. Walsh's book his analogy about lung cancer is appropriate. Once that tumor has developed, it is only going to grow and cutting off the toxins that gave it a head start won't stop it. Lung cancer is a speed demon compared to prostate cancer.

Prostate and breast cancer are different than lung cancer in that they tend to grow much slower, and slowing that growth is what it's all about.

Professor Jane's Plant's books do a better job of explaining the molecular dynamics. In her case the tumors actually reversed and disappeared when dairy was removed.

And, FYI, I've been walking two miles a day since our last exchange. Working up to running again.

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Sorry I was not more clear on my analogy from Walsh. It had to do with having developed lung cancer while still smoking, as compared to developing prostate CA while not having eaten red meats and dairy----like it will do no good if you start after the fact. From everything else I have read, this is not right. And congrats on the exercise. Don't rush it. Nothing wrong with walking. I do aerobic work at a club along with aerobic (not necessarily strength) lifting 4-5 times a week along with walking 2-3 miles 4X weekly with my best friend (aka spouse)....The joint resistance has just helped me with back problems, and I have this image that it must be beneficial as the years go on. Have done it for 35+ years, and while having practiced dentistry for 32 years, my back has never been better. Must be some good there. Must say my wife is not having a party shopping for the new menus....Thanks!!!

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