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Chat.Are you using it?

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I would think more people would be on thruout the nite.When your up and alone it's a good way to get a quicl response.I,m sure there are people here from all over the world that are up at any given time.It took me severay lonely days to find it and I am thankful.Even if you just stop by to lurk,it's nice to know someone is there. Spread the word. dave

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Dave, I am on at night but don't know how the chat thing works.

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Just noticed your post. It's easy to get to chat. When you come to the first page of this site, where you click on 'Discussion Boards' to get to this board, right under the heading "Discussion Boards' you will see the heading 'Chatrooms'. Click on that.

That will open up the chatroom and that's that. You are there. On the bottom of the square where you see people typing there is a space and you just put your cursor there and start typing and that's all there is. It's easy to get used to and the people there will help if you have any other questions.

See you there.


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Posts: 55
Joined: Sep 2010


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