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On any of the discussion boards edited, or deleted by by the CSN? I'm asking this question because I have read many of the postings here, the prayer,spirituality, and meditation category and there has been quite a number of posts based on various religious beliefs/experiences/views. Am I wrong in making the assumption that this is acceptable here? I am also on another cancer support web site and had raised the topic for what I thought would be interesting, quite a number of responses, seemed as though most were enjoying it. I received an e-mail notification from the web site stating that my message was being deleted due to it's content being in violation to their user disclaimer, which I read prior to posting it and again after the notification, From what I read it mentioned no where that discussions on religious beliefs/views/ and the like were prohibited and would be considered in violation.

I would like to know if there is a trick to this or what. Appreciate any suggestions

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Here's what ACS says: "No User shall use the Service to proselytize. The religious beliefs of all faiths are to be respected. The spiritual beliefs of all Members are to be respected regardless of whether they are in accordance with the beliefs of any religious group or teachings of other Members. No User shall disrespect or judge the beliefs or decisions of other Members on religious, spiritual, or other issues including but not limited to lifestyle, relationships, and medical care."
Seems quite fair and clear. Mind if I ask what the other site was?

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Leaning on religion is an understandable response in a time of crisis, if one is fortunate enough to have faith in one god or another. However, there are any number of religions and you also have to consider the atheists, agnostics, and even the agnostico-pantheo-deists among us.

In here, even beyond the statement that stayingcalm cites, there is a general rule of thumb in place that there is enough to worry about without complicating matters with inevitable arguments about religion and politics, so most of us try to avoid those subjects.

However, the board you mention, the prayer, spirituality, mediation discussion board, was expressly designed to permit expression of belief and comments about belief, in the hope, I think, that it would give folks a much needed relief valve, as it were, while helping them to avoid religious diatribes in other areas of the network. It has worked well, in my humble opinion, except that too many people continue to proselytize elsewhere.

In my time on this site, I have noticed that the deletions have occurred less frequently in recent years and are most often a result of blatant sales attempts, charlatanism, or earthy, even (what many would consider) filthy, commentary.

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