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I sent a "thank you" card to my oncologist today!

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I have disclosed many times on this board how my tumor markers trend in the high-"normal" to above "normal" range. Well, after the last two tests revealed them to be "10.6" and "10.4" respectively, I tested again on Wednesday, believing that the result would be similar if not higher. I dreaded calling my doctor's office on Saturday morning. However, my answering machine was beeping when I came home from work on Friday. It was my doctor's voice and a could feel my heart begin to race, until he said, "I have some good news, your test came back at 8.9!" What a great start to a weekend!

Many thanks to my oncologist and ALL oncologists and hematologists who are fighting along with us!

Love, Courage, and Peace of Mind!


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I am so glad to hear that you have a sensitive and caring doctor who bothered to call and leave that positive message. You are blessed to have a doc like that. I am still waiting for a message left on my answering service that was foreboding but with no explanation - called the specialist on Monday to get some answers and she never bothered to even call back at all.

I am glad you have a doc who 'gets it'. Glad to hear your news is good Rick. Take care, Bluerose

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My heart sings when I answer the phone and hear "Hi, Linda, it's Dr. White." My oncologist LOVES to share good news and if my test results are good, he always calls me the minute he gets them, evenings, weekends, he doesn't keep me waiting if he has happy news. On the other hand, now that I've been in treatment with him almost 2 years, I know when he DOESN'T call right away that the news ISN'T good. So if the first call I receive from the clinic after I have a test is the appointment person calling to schedule an appointment with my oncologist, I know he has some bad news he wants to deliver in person. Both my recurrences played out that way.

I'm so happy you got GOOD NEWS!! I go for my next blood work Wednesday.

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great to hear Terato. glad you showed the positive sides of Oncology. It still amazes me that a select few bad mouth western medicine, treatments, doctors, and everything related to traditional western care of cancer.

stay in remission for life Terato

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