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Recipe Ideas?

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Greetings! New to this site... I have been wandering around for a few hours and thought I should introduce myself. I was diagnosed with 1B1 cervical cancer with lymph-vascular involvement in April. Negative PET scan.
In June, I had a radical hysterectomy and lymphendectomy (sp?) - oncologist removed 28 lymph nodes and surrounding pelvic tissue only one lymph node returned postive with microscopic cancer cells.

I'm starting a 5 week radiation and chemotherapy in October. I've been researching the recommended low residue diet and thought I would pose a few questions to all who have been or are currently traveling down this road.

What is/was your favorite dish?
What is/was easiest to digest - caused less nausea, GI issues etc?
Does your body handle dairy products differently now than before treatment?
Any suggestions on juicing fruits/veggies?

I'm not looking forward to the next couple of months, but it's something I must do. Although, I'm only a few months out - I definitely consider myself a survivor!!

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Hi Fable,
First, I wish you luck on your journey. I hope things go well for you.
I did not follow any specific diet...if it looked good, I ate it. That did not include much, as nothing looked good. I finally did find something that hit the spot - peaches and cottage cheese. I don't know if the peaches were exceptionally good that year or it's just what my taste buds found inviting. During chemo they will tell you to stay away from fresh fruits and vegs that cannot be peeled, I'm not good at listening, due to a compromised immune system. When you go in for your pre-chemo meeting, they will give you lots of suggestions and can also provide you with menus. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. ((HUGS))

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