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Falling Down Sad

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While, in the past, I've been reasonably coordinated, since my husband's death I've felt that my timing is a bit off.

Earlier this week I took a bad fall. Fortunately, I only have a badly-sprained wrist and a cracked knee cap.

A word to the wise. Be careful of the side-effects of grief in all their permutations.


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I agree the effects of grieving are physical as well as emotiona. I think part of it is lack of good, natural sleep. I would love 8-10 hours of non-medicated sleep. Hope your injuries are not too serious. You are in my thoughts.

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I think our minds are often elsewhere. I actually scraped my car on the corner of my own garage on Christmas Eve. I honestly don't remember anything after getting in the car until I realized I was scraping the car. Fog of grief is real. I am naturally clumsy so I can't blame falls or bumps on that. My husband used to say they could draw a chalk line on the sidewalk and I'd trip over it. Only a little bit of an exaggeration. I really try to be more careful now that I am alone. I don't have him around to help me up any more. Fay

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I haven't injured myself physically but I am not sleeping well. I guess lack of sleep definitely has physical consequences. What happens to me is I swear I hear my wives voice calling me from another room in the house. This usually happens around 1-2 AM. Then my adrenaline kicks into high gear and I can't go back to sleep until 4-5 AM and then back to work at 0700.

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It has only been 3 1/2 months since my Terry passed away and I am tired. Tired of being tired and struggling through the day with mental and physical exhaustion. The rare nights that I get some decent, uninterrupted sleep, I can face the day with a more positive attitude. Otherwise everything is an effort. I also find my self getting very short with people, no patience...I really don't like to see that in myself. Oh well, just ranting. Time to get on with my day.

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On my sad days, I find myself not able to park the car properly. My new found lack of coordination sometimes makes me wonder if I am just too tired. Who knew grief was such a strain to the body?

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Funny how things happen like that. Where did you fall? Hope your knee cap is okay, but I bet it hurts alot too.
I always worry about something happening like that and not having my husband around to help. He always did everything for me and now I feel helpless. But we'll all get through this I guess and will just have to take one day at a time.

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I am the caregiver for my husband. About a month after his diagnosis I managed to give myself a third degree burn on the forefinger of my right hand - they were talking skin grafts when I FINALLY three days later went to have it checked.

I didn't even feel it while it was burning. That is so not like me.

I know it is because my mind was just all over the place.

My hand is fine now but it really woke me up to how asleep I was to many things while dealing with this cancer.

Did I ever tell y'all how much I hate cancer?

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