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under 40 and have Endometrial Cancer

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I am 30 years old and I just got dignaose with Endometrial Cancer. I have lot of questions and a lot of things I do not understand. I will be going to see a specialist on Oct 1st. To say I am scared is an understament. I found out on Wed since then I have hardley slept and have spent most of the time crying. Family and friends are there for me but they really do not know what I am going through. I love them for trying but I think I will go crazy if one more person says you will be fine when they know nothing about it. My husband and I had just decided we where ready for a family and where looking forwarded to it. I was having some trouble with my periods. My gyno put me on Provera to help stablize my periods. I was not really having any before that. I started the Provera on Aug 1 st 2010. I started my period on Aug 3rd and have been on it ever since. To make a long story short last week I had sever bleeding and blood clots. Wound up having to have a Dnc on friday. The Dr scraped 2.5" off my Utrues. He said everything looked good but they where going to check to make sure there was no underlineing problems. I went back the next Wed and got the results. They where not good and not what my gyno was expecting. He set me up with a specialist but I have to wait for over a week. I have been doing some reserach on line but I have not really found anything for somebody my age. Does anybody know if there is a chance I might still be able to have children? Is a hysterectomy the only option? Had anybody not had to have one? Please if you can answer any of these questions help me. I was also wondering if Endometrial Cancer is the same thing as Uterine Cancer?

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I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but I am glad that you have found this site which is full of good info AND women who understand what you are going through.

I suggest you check out the Uterine Cancer discussion group on this site so get more specific info. The first thing you need to know is what type of Uterine Cancer you have, the Grade and the Stage. That will provide so much more info about what you might expect, etc.

Am hoping that you are seeing a GYN Oncologist when you see the specialist.

Please keep us posted and hope to see you on the uterine cancer site...

Big HUGS to you!!!


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Karen is correct in directing you to the uterine cancer board. There are many wonderful women there who can answer many of your questions. Good luck on your journey.

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