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Last Chemo treatment

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My treatment was TAC I had 4 treatments of AC and 12 treatments of Taxol. I just finshed Friday . I was wanting to know if anyone has finished treatment and how did you react after your last treatment of taxol. I am afraid that my body is going to go thru withdraws from not getting the treatments. I was taken 3 weeks of taxol then off for one week and while I was off that third week my legs and feet hurt so bad at night. Any information would be helpful. I am so glad I found this board to find out alot of helpful advise from everyone. I want to thank each and everyone here you all are ao great and amazing. I wish you all great health and just take it one day at a time and you will get to your goal. I know there were days when i just didnt I didnt want to go to work but I made myself at least go and if I had to leave then I just left. Always listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

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Jean 0609
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I finished my chemo on August 25 (taxotere & cytoxan). After the last treatment I was tired & worn out longer than the others, but other than that no problems. I still have to do Herceptin for a year, but had no side effects from that. Good luck to you!

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I too had 12 weekly Taxol and it was far worse than the A/C had been. The good point was that one week after the last dose of it I started feeling better and kept feeling better every week/day even though I started Rads 1 week after the last Taxol. With A/C I had been tired 2 days out of 14 but with Taxol I was completely and utterly exhausted, couldn't sleep without pills, for 5 days of each week and tired for the other 2 days. At week 10 of Taxol, Dr T. said that if I couldn't handle it anymore, he'd DC it as it had done between 85% and 90% of waht it could do by that time. Well, considering what I'd already been through and being IBC, there was no way that I was going to take less than 100% of what it could do so I made it through the last 3 doss but did have a note in my chart that I could stop if I wanted. If I had 'wimped out' (yes that is how I would have felt that I did iF I had stopped before all had been done possible) and had a reoccurance how could i explain to my Hubby (of 34 yrs) and our Son that i hadn't done everything that I could?

I know not everyone feels the same as I do but I am me and I will do everything that I can for my family and ME! We are all each so unique that there is no one 'right' answer for anyone/anything - we have to do waht is right for ourself.


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I did not take the taxol so I can't help there. I had 4 rounds of Taxotere and Cytoxan. I had no problems after I finished chemo, no kind of withdrawals or anything like that at all. I started feeling better after being done with it. Congratulations for finishing this step!! God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

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No more chemo!!!!! so happy for you I have one left and i will be done too. Wishing you all the best Take care. here is hoping no more side affects..

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Congrats! I am so happy for you. We are on a similar treatment schedule. I finish my taxol treatments in 2 more weeks and I also had the 4 x AC. I cannot wait. I have really not felt so bad on this treatment. I was actually able to go back to work. I hope that we don't get any side effects like you are saying : ( Keep strong, stay healthy and all the best to you!

Chris, NY

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I finish my last treatment on Tuesday-did 4 of AC and 4 of Taxol. Radiation to follow-Just happy to be finished with the chemo.

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line up ahead .. Keep hydrated, rested and dust off your dancing shoes, and that black leather mini .. I see alot of dancing and celebration ahead for you!

Vicki Sam

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My last Chemo was 9/16/10, we had our mammogram and ultrasound today and I meet with the surgeon Wednesday as to when surgery is scheduled. I had 4 of A/C every 2 weeks, and 4 Taxol every 2 weeks. I am so glad it is over. I wish the best for eveyone. I am here for you if anyone needs me.

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