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Hospice Called

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I read in the background more than I post but you all have been such a support to me whenever I do post. My husband has fought this terrible monster for 4 long years. He had his colostomy in 9/06, 2007 stoma repair, 2 plus years chemo, sent to Vanderbilt in 12/08, 4 % of right lung removed 2/09, 75 % of right lobe of liver removed along with part of diaphram in 4/09 and has been through 3 Phase 1 clinical trials. Now he can no longer stand or walk and has been turned over to hospice. Pain is under control right now even though he has gone from 20 mg twice a day with 10 mg breakthrough pain meds every 4, now after two weeks he is up to 60 mg twice a day with the breakthrough pain med available every four. It is not looking good and I am sorry to give you another person losing his fight with the monster but I have become to think of you as friends and family. We share the good and the bad. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers...Love you all and keep each of you in my thoughts and prayers.
Anna (Frank's wife)

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You're right... We share the good and the bad and that's because we're family.

Frank will definitely be in my prayers and thoughts for a painless passing as he nears the end of his journey. God Bless you for being a selfless caregiver. My thoughts and prayers go to you as well.

Love and Hugs,


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Thanks for sharing the news with us, yes it is bad. But like Holly said we have to share the good and the bad, thats what family does. I so sorry that Frank seems to be losing the battle. I wish you both peace and comfort during this trying time. I will add Frank and you to my prayers.


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Sending you a PM


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Sending you all my prayers!
Hugs from Barcelona!

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I'm so sorry about your husband. Please know you both will be in our thoughts and prayers tonight.
Linda and Ellie

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I do know that the surgeon at Vandy that did Franks work is absolutely brilliant, and that I too had surgery from the same surgeon just earlier this month. He is a great surgeon and he has helped me regain another facet of life, just as Frank has done, as will I and many others. I wish the best for you both, I have come to know you both through here and through common hospitals and Drs. and wishful in hoping that peace surrounds the both of you in the coming times. Take solace in knowing that although we may not live forever, we are however assuring that through each surgery, through each blood draw and each test done, gets us closer to the time where someday some mother or dad will say,"if not for the people before us where would our childrens plight be without their sacrifice".....That keeps me smiling and content simply in the things I may have had a hand in aiding, and extra bit of tissue or an extra mm of blood that perhaps might be the little piece that makes history some day...That is my solace, and that is what will take me through if and when it is time for my journey to come to a close...
Although we have never met in person, I love you both, and will continue to do so forever. You are my family, I have just had a special bond to the two of you......God Bless you both....Clift

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I am sorry to hear this + will keep you + Frank in my thoughts.

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Oh, Anna. I'm so sorry to hear this about Frank. I will be praying for both of you. He's had such a hard fight, and you have been right there with him. I'm very sorry.


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Dear Anna,

It sounds like you and your dear Frank have done all possible in the fight against this terrible disease.

I hope that Frank can be pain free.

You are both in my thoughts and prayers,

Marie who loves kitties

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I am sorry to hear of your difficult time. I hope that Frank's pain continues to be managed and am glad that you will have hospice there to help. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Nana b
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Blessings, so sorry to hear this! Take care of your self!

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I am so sorry to read this post. I lost my husband to this beast 2 months ago. It sounds as if your husband fought valiantly. I pray for you that if it is his time he may be peaceful and pain free


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So sorry that he (both of you) are going through this. Hoping that he remains pain free. Praying for you both.


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I am sorry for the both of you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Laura

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are in my prayers....

warm, loving hugs,

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Paula G.
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I have read your posts before. I am so sorry to hear this news. It is a monster! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Anna, take care of you also. Love Paula

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Cancer Sucks!!

Fight for my love
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Anna and Frank,you both are in my prayers.When I joined this forum last June for my husband,I got lots of hope,courage and strengh by reading your "about me",so I could walk through this journey with my husband.You both are heros in my heart.Take care.

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God bless. sending prayers your way. Hugs.. Petrina

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for you both!

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Frank has fought this thing tooth and nail. I'm so sorry to hear that he is not doing well and that all of the pounding has taken such a toll on him physically - just hate that.

He's a hero in my book (please tell him that) and I've found you to be such a compassionate woman and a wonderful member of our community. You've always been so very sweet and supportive to me, I can never thank you enough for that.

I wish there were something that I could do to make it all better. I hope for peace for the two of you and that hospice can keep Frank comfortable and out of pain. This I do hope for.

Thank you for letting us all know.


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I am sorry that you are now facing this new journey of Hospice. I have been down this road and it is not easy. Thank you for sharing. It is not easy. And this disease really needs attention because so many here have lost this battle.
Prayers for you and your family.

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I am so very sorry to hear this news. Please let frank know we are praying for him and we are praying for you too Anna. I am so very sorry to hear this news...


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Thank you is so inadequate to express how much we appreciate each and every one of you...for your warm and loving thoughts and especially your prayers. We are taking each day as it comes...some days are good and others Frank is in bed sleeping all day. Hospice is coming twice a week and yesteday the hospice minister and social worker came. Frank still has his great sense of humor and jokes and picks whenever he feels up to it. I am such a very blessed woman to have had the honor, priviledge to be married to such a wonderful man for going on 42 years. We met when I was 14 and started dating when I was 16, we wrote back and forth the year he was in Vietnam and he asked me to marry him two days after he got home. We continue to blessed at every turn, we have such great family members, church family, and friends. We pray for Frank to not suffer and not have pain. We love each of you and will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayes. Hoping that each of you slay the monster ...kill it so it never takes another loved one. Stay strong and know that we care and always will.

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