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Water Aerobics during chemo?

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Anyone have opinions about doing water aerobics during chemo?

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I tried but have neuropathy and that made it worse. I did swim until I had recurrance. I did worry about germs from the pool during nadir but I don't know if that is something you should really worry about. I bought some water aerobic shoes but had other problems and couldn't go. I'd advise to wear those shoes during class. I think it gives you a lift and I plan to do it again when I finish my next round of chemo. I will either have neuropathy to cope with or rashes. So I will wait and see. The water always gives me a boost. I'd check with my Doctor; if the infection isn't a problem go for it!


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I spent most of this hot hot summer in the swimming pool with a baseball hat covering my bald head from every-Monday taxol infusions. It felt heavenly and I never had any problems with my skin or anything. I worried that my oncologist would be disapproving of my suntan, but he said he LOVED it, that it showed I was LIVING LARGE! HA!

An indoor pool with a lot of traffic may be a different story. But ask around and if no one has complained about the chorine or Ph levels, it would probably do you a world of good.

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In pool area the surrounding tiled walk around is loaded with germs.... Read a report not too long ago about the germs collected on this area -- people walk in with shoes, or sit down in work-out clothes...yes I've seen them. Be careful!

Water aerobics is excellent exercise as it's not "weight bearing" so much easier on our joints. Still best to confirm it's okay with your doc.


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