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This really gets my back up

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Hi all , I have to share with you what has really got my back up since loosing my wonderful, beautiful courageous young mum 56 days ago, its the pieces of paper you get from official departments. When you are born you are issued with a birth certificate and when you die, you are issued with a death certificate. Is that all we are, is that all our life amounts too? Whats that programme that says that we have numbers and not names , because its so true.

Thank you for sharing in my moan

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It is somewhat demeaning to know we have been reduced to a statistic and a piece of paper, even if the piece of paper recognizes we exist(ed).

My sister-in-law and I shared a good laugh the other day - because we thought my mother-in-law would think it humorous, too. My mother-in-law died in December 2008 from complications from heart surgery but some time before that she had her hip replaced. A letter came in the mail a few days ago directing her to schedule an appointment with her orthopaedic surgeon because the hip replacement had been recalled.

Don't know why this was funny to us, other than we could just hear her sputtering over such a letter coming...getting her to have any of her surgeries was almost impossible.

Anyway, these little letters and documents will continue to come - please don't let them worry you too much.

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