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6 week break from chemo

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My husband and I took a few vacations over the summer. During his 6 week break his CEA level rose to 9.2 and we have been waitng for the results of his scan. After reading the transript there are NO new lesions! Great news. It seems like every time anyone takes a decent break things get crazy so my mind was going wild. His cancer did increase a few millimeters but nothing too extreme. I'll be anxious to see what the new CEA is since the last CEA was taken in August-right after our vacation. He has had three treatments since we've been home so hopefully it is 2 or lower!
I think about all of you fighters daily and you give me the renewed strength I need when I'm feeling down. I hope you all have a great weekend! My husband will have a treatment so I guess I'll get a break from juicing, cooking and washing dishes since he can't keep anything down for a few days during treatment. I'd much rather do the juicing, cooking, dishes ANYTHING, but unfortunatley we can't make that trade.

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This is really good news; I am really happy for you + your husband. I am sending my hopes for continued success. A 6 week break from chemo sounds so nice!

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Nana b
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Yeah!! Good new is always welcomed!

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I just came off of a 8 week break last week, due to low platelets, I'll find out my CEA count from that break the first Wednesday of October, I was down to 9.5 in July, a bit anxious myself, wonder if it went back up, so I sort of know how you feel!!!
Thinking of you both.
Winter Marie
PS, I really enjoyed the break though, got a lot of landscaping done!!!! (always an upside isn't there?)

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im sorry you had to wait 8 weeks with delayed treatments due to platelets being down. I had 4 blood transfusions of platelets on any day that they were below normal so i could stay on schedule with my chemo and that also included my hemoglobin red blood cells and 3 transfusions in order to stay with schedule. curious why they didnt order you platelet transfusions

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I'll have to ask my Onc.

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Glad to hear you got some vacation time in, and he got a good break from chemo, with nothing new starting up! I hope he is now rested and recharged enough to put up with chemo again to keep it all under control till he can get another break.

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