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Pain...after all this time

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Help!! I have felt relatively ok for almost 13 days, with of course the discomfort of alternating bowel activities, but today I'm wishing for the hemmys to come back. I have not rested, slept in, taken it easy, cuz we just moved into the house, and I think maybe I overdid it. Today the pain is almost unbearable, and my husband got a little irrated with me because he invited people over for dinner and after I cooked and we ate, they all went out to the patio and I retreated into first the bath, then the bedroom. Two hours or so later when everyone left, I went to talk to him, and he blew me off. I told him that both of us are expecting too much out of me. I, and he I guess, thought that as soon as radiation was done, I'd be back to normal. (Or as close to normal as I'll ever be, LOL) But today it all caught up with me. I've taken Tylenol, 2 sitz baths, and no relief in sight. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Melodie

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I'm sorry that you have had this setback. But you finished treatment not all that long ago and your body is still adjusting. With your move and everything else you have been doing, perhaps your body is telling you to slow down. Recovery can take awhile so you must be patient. I remember not wanting or being able to have any dinner guests over for at least a couple of months after treatment ended. Don't push things--you'll get there. I hope you are feeling better soon.


tiny one
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When did you finish radiation? Radiation continues to work in the body for a time afterwards, not sure how long. Skin issues, fatigue, can get worse afterwards as the skin heals. I had some irritation, itching after I finished my treatment. You might need stronger pain meds and a barrier cream. Proctozone cream is prescription but it really helped me, also use very soft toilet tissue, even wet wipes.

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I had my last rad treatment on the 8th of this month. I know, I'm probably overdoing it, and I'm trying to get back to being normal as quickly as possible. Melodie

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I am just 6-7 weeks outside of my radiation treatments. I had to take a 2 week break at week 4 because my groin and pubic area skin was so badly burned, I had to lay around butt naked with a fan blowing on me to help keep things dry. I worked all the way through 2 rounds of chemo, and all but the two weeks I was home butt naked. I was tired, and it didn't take much to wear me down. Even this far out, I get tired easily so I try not to push myself. I know that just because my outside skin is healed and I can wear underwear and pants again, my insides are still healing, not to mention that I also have a urethral discharge that has not yet been treated. Like the others have posted in this thread, you need to take time to recover...even if you feel good on a particular day...it will get better -- I know -- as I am just a few weeks ahead of you. Take your time. -- Ranelle

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I don't want to nag, but it sounds like you are over doing it. Your body has been through a lot and just because treatment is done doesn't mean our bodies go back to normal right away. Prior to treatment, I was superwoman, doing it all. I never sat still. During and after treatment (for a few months), I just listened to my body. Naps when I needed them, turning down invites if I didn't have the energy. It's not unusual for those around us to think it's all "back to normal" once treatment is over. They want to move past it and sometimes just forget it ever happened. It's not ill intentioned, it's just how some people deal with it. But it's your body and only you know how you feel. You have every right to rest when you need to and not be all "normal" right away. Try to take it easy. The chemo and radiation stays in our bodies for 60 - 90 days post treatment. It's still working and your body is still dealing with it.

Take care of yourself. You deserve it.


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Hi Melodie...I'm 5-6 weeks out of treatment and STILL tire if I overdo it (and yes, experience some pain as well...you are not lifting much are you?) When I overdo it, say vacuum a rug or washing a floor on the same day I'm exhausted. This is not what I am used to as I was very active and did this is a few hours with energy to spare. I cannot do that right now and maybe will not be able to do that again. It's something I have to mentally understand and accept right now.

You attempted packing and unpacking and a move on top of everything else and you were not out of treatment long at all. It takes a while and I sympathize wholeheartedly with you on this in more ways than one. I too want to do more and think I can do more mentally but when I try, wow, it really plays me out (and discourages me at times). My husband is a bit like yours thinking that radiation is over and now I should be up and running like before so I try to do what I did only to find myself played out so much quicker. He just had hernia surgery himself (waiting until my treatment was over) and walked around like he had a 9 organ transplant! I kept thinking "you have no idea bub what it is like to go through some real pain and discomfort!" I just shake my head when he is like that. Don't let hubby get you down or make you feel that you should be doing more. You know your body and you know what you need to heal and feel better. Be patient with yourself, tender with yourself and give yourself that time and loving care to heal. Everyone else can fend for themselves. They, after all, have not been through the grueling treatment you have. One day at a time. Little by little you will feel stronger, have less pain and feel more like yourself but even then, I think this treatment changes our bodies enough where we will need to find a new way to feel and 'learn' when to back down when our bodies tell us to do so. Take care of yourself first, then deal with the rest. Marilyne

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