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CT Clear, 1 Yr NED, so what's wrong?

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Steve Z
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First thanks for all the good vibes and well wishes. My scanxiety turned out to be over nothing. So on the day I'm 1 yr NED, I get an all clear from my doctor, but I'm still experiencing some "discomfort". I'm not constipated, but I feel like things are moving slow and a little bloated. I started to add a little more fiber. Could I still be having a scar tissue issue a year later? Any thoughts? My Onc suggested I talk to my surgeon.

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tina dasilva
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so happy to hear that your clear of cancer .

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and I am guessing that the surgeon he wants you to speak with is in the same town.....My thoughts is that a scope will tell ya the same thing . It would show scar tissue and even the obstruction if any and the exact location...or ya may just need a little watermelon to get ya rollin....Choose your options wisely but be thorough...Good luck to you ...and congratulations on being a year out........Buzz

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Nana b
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Bloating is normal after having surgery and even the feeling of not completely going number 2. Watch out for blood, thin stools, and talk to your surgeon.

I would take, oh geez what was the name...(ducolat SP?), to keep me normal. Eat some pineapple for bloating, watermelon as Buzz says. You may have a lot of gas, do some skirming on the bed, right, then left then on tummy, for about 20 minutes, trap gas has away of getting out this way. Some have said to elevate your feet when you go to the bathroom, I have to say, it works! When you think you are done, elevate those feet, and surprise! lol

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I'm almost 21 months (in 2 weeks) post dx and surgery and my intestines still 'move slowly'. My morning activity revolves around 'movement'. My colonoscopy 2 months ago was 'perfect'. The gastro had trouble even finding where I'd been resected, and 18" had been removed.

I was told that some peoples intestines just slow down or remain sluggish after surgery and it might remain that way. I've found that applesauce worked better for me than fiber cereals because the cereals caused a bloated feeling while the applesauce made me go and go quickly.

Good luck and congrats on the clear scan!


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Just really glad for the results. You need to get out and celebrate. Every system can be different so hopefully you are just experiencing some lazy bowels. Call the surgeon though just to make sure.


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I've never recovered good colon function since my resection almost 3 years ago. I do have a long history of IBS, but I was able to manage it without medicine for most of that time until I had the surgery. If you really feel uncomfortable and can't go, Miralax does wonders. Unfortunately I have to take it 2 times a day, every day. Fun times!


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I am sorry you have discomfort, but am so glad you had a clear scan - enjoy!

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ah......Stevie hooray and hoorah....good new .....enjoy

if you are really concerned about the digestive thing trying keeping a little record of what you eat over the course of a couple of weeks.....is the movement slower after bread, after dairy products....do some foods seem to produce more gas than others. Steve I am 5 years out from colon surgery and I would have to say by bowel function is weird....sometimes good sometimes not......

good luck, hugs.....celebrate


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I'm also more than 5 years out on my surgery...still, there are days....

On those days, I think about what I ate the day before...usually it comes up with the source...too much cheese, too little fruit, not enough fluids...it's truly a balancing act...but well worth it!

I'm dancing for your clean scans!!! YEA!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I just had colon surgery about three weeks ago and my surgeon spent a lot of time (3 hours) dealing with adhesions from my first surgery four years ago. The colon likes to move around when its working right and when it heels adhesions may form. They are kind of like glue that attaches the colon to various organs, fat, etc. They actually term them as scars. Sometimes they cause pain or impair function but they are not cancer.

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Steve Z
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Joined: Sep 2009

I'm seeing my GP today and I called my surgeon. I had a colonoscopy in June and that was fine. My surgeon is a colon rectal speacialist and he did the colonoscopy. I have a call into him as well. It's strange today it's like heartburn and at times I feel full. I think the fullness makes me feel like things aren't moving, but they definitely are moving.

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