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8th Treatment

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On way in about a hour to my last Chemo session...... where did the time go!!!!! They won't do another P.E.T. Scan for a few more weeks, that's when the real fun begins! LOL Talk to all soon God Bless Vinny

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Best of luck Vinny and hope to hear from you later. Mary

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Hey Vinny,
Yippee...final round! You are in my thoughts all day today and I might even do a war dance for you since the dredded "P" is surging through my body like gang busters...ha!ha!ha! Thought about re-roofing the house today...ha!ha! That stuff makes me think weird thoughts..sure glad I don't act on them when they pop in my head! Hope you feel good enough to tell us how it went for you today. Sue

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Thinking about you. You should be getting home pretty soon. Don't be going down to the bar and celebrating before you check in and tell us whats up and how it all went today. hahahaha!! Just joking. I am sure all went well and you are glad to get all those treatments behind you. John

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Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

maybe not the bar, but a Belvedere Martini sounds good to me!!!!! LOL

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