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Would like to talk or hear anything positive about surviving ewing

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My son (8 yrs ) was dx Feb 2010. He is two treatments away from finishing protocol . Chemo (doxo, vincristin, cyclo, ifos & etop) surgery , radiation ( 10 rnds) . I have been by him and telling he is the strongest , he will beat it , he is exceptional ... Well he is he's been through so much and hardly complained. He's responded well ( I think ) because they never tell you anything unless something goes wrong . I'm soooo excited that were finishing treatments soon , but I'm so scared as well . Just need someone to talk to about this .... Please do not hesitate to write , anything will help .

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I am a 12 year ewing survivor i was diagnosed when i was 7. I had it in my upper arm so they did a limb sparing surgery and chemo. I have had it lengthened a couple of times since then and you can't even tell. Your son is exceptional and brave. Ewing is hard and rare in a child so young. It is really exciting when finishing treatment especially when you are a kid and its turned your life upside down. At my last round of chemo my mom brought a cake, it was like my going away party. I understand you are scared. My family has been affected by cancer quite a bit, my dad is currently battling multiple myeloma and will have a 2nd stem cell transplant. So i have been on both sides of the table. My mom was my strength when i was battling Ewing and all the hardships afterward. She would be a good person for you to talk with. I can talk with her if you like and see if I can get you two connected, she would understand a lot of what you are going through. Just let me know, I would be glad to set you two up. Your son truly is amazing, congratulations!

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Your son is exceptional and I will keep him in my thoughts. I am a 2 time survivor of Leiomyosarcoma which is an even deadlier sarcoma than Ewing Sarcoma. I am also a survivor of Cholangiocarcinoma an equally rare and deadly cancer of the bile duct and GIST tumor. Where was his tumor and was it able to be surgically resected without any metastases? Sarcoma is one of the most stubborn and deadly of cancers but there ARE survivors! You have to believe and never ever give up hope on your son. As a parent of a 5 year old son myself I can tell you that I would believe in my son to be able to conquer anything and you must too. Being with a SPECIFIC SARCOMA oncologist and expert is vital. If you need any advice get back to me I have been through it all. My phone number is 267-601-4043. For me the scariest part was NOT AT ALL the treatment. You are too wrapped up with just trying to survive and get better to panic or worry. The worst part was once I was cured and it was over my mind became consumed with it coming back. If you ever need advice or someone to talk to call me you or your son. Good luck to you both and LIVESTRONG!

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It sounds like he is very strong. I know its not an easy thing to go through. And you are truly a wonderful mom to have suffered through all of it with him. I'm 25 and just finished almost the exact treatments. My mom went with for every treatment and I am so thankful she was there. Good luck!!! If you want to talk you can email me at m_ammon6@yahoo.com.

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