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Home From Surgery

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Much to our surprise, Bob was released from the hospital today, only six days post-op. Originally told 7-10 day hospital stay but docs say he is doing so well, they kicked him out.

He came home with a trache, feeding tube, donor site skin graft (gross), rebuild wrist area with skin from donor site (thigh), and of course the incision from the neck dissection. What he did NOT bring home with him is CANCER. Clean margins and all looking well at this point from the cancer standpoint. Who knows how long it will stay that way - but we are being positive and trying to think it will be forever!

So the healing begins and we know there will be challenges. I have mastered the feeding tube, now need HIM to master it, but will give him a few days to get some strength. Home health is going to come out every couple of days for a couple of weeks to check on him, help with trache cleaning, etc.... there's a lot to deal with at this point. But we are hanging in there, and he will get better every day, I just know it.

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts, we appreciate it.

Good health to all!

Kent Cass
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Truly is most excellent to hear. And, yes, if you look for what makes each day better than the one before- I betcha find it. Sounds like you got everything in place and ready to go...forward in a great way. Will no doubt take some time to get used-to the changes, but the change you wanna focus on the most is the C-free one- all else know and fall into it's place. Life reclaimed, Kimmy, and that's just about as good as it gets. Oh yeah.



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That is great new to hear Bob is doing so well, we will continue to keep him in prayer.

All the best to you both

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That is good news, the doctor's feel it was time that is a great feeling.

Prayers continue for less pain daily and fast healing along with patience.


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Everything sounds so positive, Kimmy. I'm so happy your family has received this blessing.

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Coming home is such a big step. And it is a lot of work. It will make you appreciate the work of a nurse and how active of a job it is. I am glad to hear Bob was doing so well he was released ahead of time...sounds like a very good sign of his recovery rate. He will heal even faster in the comfort of home.
When I remember back to Mark's coming home from surgery days, I recall a "deer in the headlights" kind of feeling. "OMG, he does not look like he should be home yet, and what? you really think I can take care of all of this??" But it all fell into place and I remember feeling very good about taking care of him, and stretching beyond my experience and comfort zone.
My best to you, Kimmy...Bob is in good hands.

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I'm very happy for you guys and wish you the best in adapting to these new experiences and routines.

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Glenna M
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That is truly wonderful news! You and Bob have been through so much together that I know you will both sail through his recovery.

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

Stay strong,

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Pam M
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Oh, yeah! Man, not only clean margins, but doing well enough to go home early. Hope it keeps up.

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I am glad to hear he is doing so well and home already. Try not to get overwhelmed and take care of yourself to. Keep us updated.


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6 days? Wow, they've come a long way in 11 years since I went through what sounds like the exact same routine - skin graft/blood supply from the arm goes to the tongue, skin graft from the thigh pays Paul... for me, I was in there a month before they sent me home.

That arm wound took the longest to heal (of all the non-ground-zero sites), and it is quite gruesome. If Bob likes or dislikes scars, you have good news for him!

If he likes scars: The staple-marks up the inside of the forearm appear to be a permanent feature, as does the graft site. It's a scar he can show his buddies and be proud of. It's a conversation-starter! (I'd be more than happy to send pics of what the scar looks like 11 years down the road, if you want at some point)

If he doesn't like scars: It's so light, that it almost blends in. Also, it's on the underside of the arm, so it's in a spot where people usually don't look. I've had people blink and ask "What scars?" when I ask them if they've noticed them. They are being serious, as the scars really do start to blend in with your natural skin color.

Anyway, it's great news he's home. Healing seems to go much faster in your own bed.

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