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Lung cancer treatment completed 2 mos ago went back for check up and they see a tumor on the Adrenal gland

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Wanting to know if anyone else has had this happen my mom had lung cancer starting in 99 and they removed a lobe on her lung. Then it showed back up 5 yrs later and it was removed as well an was a pie shape on the other lung in April of 2010 she went back for her yearly check up and well there was more hiding and this time they did radition and chemo she had 2mos of it she had radiation 5 days a week and chemo 1day a week. Well she went back for her follow but it has been about 4 to 6 weeks since her last treatment went back today and they did there test and well looks like the lung is clear but there is now a spot on her adrenal gland she will go back next week and have another mri and biopsy. I am very worried about my mom at this point I am hoping it will be ok and this might be wrong I have googled this and it looks like people with lung cancer have had this happen so I am just looking to see if anyone knows anything about this. I know she goes to a great place for her care Md Anderson I just would like to know other people have had this and all was ok. Thanks so much

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Sorry that I can't help to anwser your questions but I will keep your family in my prayers

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It isn't cancer till they see those cells under the microscope.Tumors can turn out to be something other than a met and that's why they will have to biopsy. That said, she's going to a great set of doctors and even if it turns out to be cancer they will know what can be done. I wish we had a cure, but that's something we all wish. In the meantime, I guess I'll settle for whatever they have. I read lots of posts from folks that are living with cancer that has spread and many of them are making out okay. They give me hope. So I come back and see what they have done to survive as long as they have. Most seem to suggest that you go to the best doctors you can get to and follow their treatment plan as long and as well as you can. The rest is a matter of luck. We don't get any choice on what kind and how aggressive our particular group of wacky cells happens to be. Keeping your weight up and staying otherwise healthy also seems to help. Good luck! Keep us posted on how she is doing.

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Just today, I saw my doctor after having a Pet Scan yesterday. My third cycle of chemo was this morning and while visiting w/ doctor she advise the masses in my lungs are smaller and appear to be shrinking! She also said a new spot has appeared on my adreinal gland, but too small to determine anything. I'm not going to worry about this until I know it it cancer and shows on the cat scan as enlarging.
My cancer is Stage 3b lung cancer and I am Blessed that this type is responding to the radiation and chemotherapy, God does answer Prayers!

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I was dignosed with stage 4 single sex lung cancer two years ago. Also at this time i was diagnosed of an enlarged Adrenial gland. I took chemo and at the end of chemo my adrenial Gland showed no more growth or shrinkage. Before i had lung surgery they took a Biopsy it turned out non canerous. The last pt/scan i had 9 weeks ago showed no growth. My onocoligist has told me he is no longer concerded with adrenial gland but we will still moniter it. I am on my third chemo treatment and hopefully it is as the others did is keeping my adrenial gland in check. I hope this helps.

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Hello my friend fortyfiver, so glad you are here posting,will keep you in my prayers as i always have, take care of yourself, we are going to beat this xoxox

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